March 4, 2010


SUBJECT:    Proposed Changes to Academic Personnel Policies

The University invites comments on proposed new and revised Academic Personnel policies and proposed policy rescissions to clarify the faculty administrator titles, when appointed to administrative service positions that are either 100% time or less than 100% time.

Two new policies are proposed as follows:

APM 241, Faculty Administrators [Positions Less Than 100%] APM 246, Faculty Administrators [100% Time]

Revisions to the following policies are proposed:

APM 245, Department Chairs APM 633, Stipends/Academic Appointees

The proposed addition of APM 241 and APM 246, and revisions to APM 245, are to clarify the roles of faculty administrators and to define the positions; criteria for appointment; eligibility; restrictions; terms of service; salary; conditions of employment; appointment authority; review procedures; and stipend eligibility.

The suggested changes to APM 633, Stipends/Academic Appointees, represent an effort to conform the appointees eligible for stipends to those academic titles listed in the proposed APM-241 and APM 246, the revised APM 245, and APM 240, Deans.

The following policy rescissions are proposed:

APM 242, Directors of Organized Research Units, since its provisions are incorporated into the newly drafted APM-241, sections -4 and -24 and APM 246-24

APM 630, Compensation of Divisional, Associate and Assistant Deans, and Directors of Organized Research Units, since its substantive portions are incorporated into the proposed APM 241, sections -18 and -24, and APM 240-18

APM 632, Stipends/Assignment of FTE for Split Appointments with Stipends, since APM 240-18 and APM 246-18 address the salary of deans and faculty administrators and because APM 633 describes academic personnel policy relating to stipends for academic appointees.

The proposals are available at the following Web site:

This is a formal review of the proposals. If you have comments or questions, please contact Kelly Lindlar, Director, Academic Policy Development at no later than Friday, May 7, 2010.

Paul W. Drake
Senior Vice Chancellor