April 2, 2010


SUBJECT:    Change in Storehouse Operations Located at Trade Street

Effective immediately, the Storehouse catalogue and inventory sales begins closing that segment of the business operation. Items remaining in inventory will be available until current stock has been sold. This will end thirty-three years of marketing, administering, and selling a wide variety of products and services to the UC San Diego community.

A reorganized operation, comprised of expert staff, will continue to maintain the following services essential to our campus community:

- Central Receiving and Distribution
- Moving Services
- Surplus Sales
- Self-Store
- Hazardous Material Shipments
- Managed Programs:
- Gas cylinders, specialty gas
- Bottled water
- Ethyl alcohol
- Dry ice
- Cryogenic liquids

Please refer to our Blink site at for detailed information on these services.

Since its move from SIO to the general campus in 1976, the UCSD Storehouse has offered cost-effective solutions for frequently purchased products and services such as office products, consumable lab supplies, janitorial goods and IT supplies. In addition to stocking products from numerous suppliers and manufacturers, the Storehouse excelled at providing exemplary customer service through extensive product knowledge, hands-on sourcing, and order-placement support.

Industry changes, supplier business models, technological capabilities, and UC/UCSD contracting practices contributed to the evolution to a more effective buying process that now exists with the UCSD Marketplace.

If you have questions regarding alternate suppliers, please contact Marketplace Help at or (858) 534-9494.

For questions regarding any outstanding orders or remaining Storehouse inventory, contact the Storehouse Customer Support representatives at or (858) 534-7467.

Don Larson