May 13, 2010


SUBJECT:    Blink/TritonLink Support

Given the size of budget reductions at UC San Diego, External and Business Affairs has been evaluating campus services, streamlining operations, and eliminating functions in order to help the campus protect core academic programs and resources. One of the recent changes is the elimination of the office responsible for the creation of content for the Blink and TritonLink Web sites, known as Portal Services.

We built Blink and TritonLink to move away from fragmented business processes and services to integrated portals that provide an intuitive way of processing transactions and obtaining timely and relevant information about a wide range of topics, procedures, and policies. The team that developed Blink and TritonLink content helped make these Web sites nationally recognized for creating a business architecture that was truly a best practice in higher education.

Despite the phasing out of content services at ACT, Blink and TritonLink will continue providing excellent service to the campus community. However, instead of devoting dedicated resources to content creation and maintenance, we will now leverage the content management system that powers Blink and TritonLink, and many other campus Web sites, including the Home Page. The set of intuitive tools included in that system will allow content owners and central offices to continue themselves the creation and maintenance of information on these sites.

Owners of content on Blink and TritonLink sites can contact Brett Pollak, whose Campus Web Office will manage the tools and training needed for subject matter experts to maintain their own content. The Campus Web Office will be located within the Administrative Computing and Telecommunications department, and will continue to develop new and enhanced methods of allowing content owners to present their information online. Over the next three months, as we phase out content development services, the Campus Web Office will assist business owners with current writing and editing projects.

Our goal will be to continue the outstanding service provided by the Blink and TritonLink Web sites as we move through this transition. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Emily Deere, Acting Assistant Vice Chancellor - Administrative Computing and Telecommunications at

Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
External and Business Affairs