July 1, 2010


SUBJECT:    Amendment to Senate Regulation 501 - Adding and Dropping
Courses and Withdrawals

At its last meeting of the academic year, the Representative Assembly approved a proposal from the Committee on Educational Policy and Courses (CEP) to amend Senate Regulation 501(A), so that instructors and departments have final authority over student requests to add a course after the regular add deadline. Senate Regulation 501(A) now reads:

SR 501 - Adding and Dropping Courses and Withdrawals

"501(A): A student may add a course before the second week of instruction of a quarter, and with the approval of the instructor and department add a course to the study list before the end of the final week of instruction. (Am 5/25/10)"

The revised Regulation went into effect this week, beginning June 28, 2010. Students who wish to add courses after the second week no longer need petition the CEP for an exception. This should address long-standing campus and CEP concerns regarding student enrollment issues. It is the CEP's belief that instructors and departments are best prepared to assess the merit of a student's request to add a course. (You may read the CEP's extended proposal statement in the agenda for the May 25, 2010 Representative Assembly meeting [].)

The Registrar's Office will soon be addressing campus implementation procedures. The CEP encourages all Department Chairs and Programs Directors to consult their unit's faculty and staff, and to develop criteria to guide the processing and reviewing of add requests (you may begin to receive add requests as early as next week, for Summer Session 1 courses). SR 501(A) in no way requires any instructor or unit to automatically approve an add request.


Stefan Llewellyn Smith, Chair
Committee on Educational Policy and Courses

cc: Senate Chair & Vice Chair
College Provosts
College Deans of Advising
Graduate Studies
Summer Session
Registrar's Office
Undergraduate and Graduate Advisors