August 24, 2010


SUBJECT: CONSTRUCTION ALERT – Health Sciences Biomedical Research
Facility 2 (HSBRF2)

Project Description/Location

This project involves three phases of preparatory telecom work; installing data, voice, and communication cabling infrastructure for the new HSBRF2 which includes five stories of laboratories and seven stories of offices, as well as providing connectivity to existing buildings during the demolition phase. The new building will be located east of the Pharmacy Building and south of Osler Lane and will provide the necessary additional space required by the School of Medicine’s Health Sciences program.

This preliminary work is necessary to keep existing buildings connected to telecom services while the Evergreen, Fir, Date and Ivy buildings are demolished to clear the site for HSBRF2. All efforts will be made to reduce local impact to telecom services and prior notice will be given for any planned outages. A separate Construction Alert will be issued in late October prior to HSBRF2’s actual construction start.

The Contractor for this Project will begin to mobilize to an onsite location that is south of Osler Lane and east of the Pharmaceutical Science Building. Please view the area map at:

To minimize street parking impacts this underground utility work will be done in 3 phases:

· Phase 1, September 13-23, 2010 - West side of parking lot on the east of Date, Evergreen and Fir.

· Phase 2, September 23 -29, 2010 - Northwest of Guava and southwest of Holly.

· Phase 3, September 29-October 7, 2010 – Northwest of Holly between Jacaranda and Kalmia.

Please note that although pedestrian routes will be modified temporarily, all building entrances and exits will be kept open and accessible throughout the course of construction. Signs will be posted directing pedestrian access as constructing fencing is moved between phases.

Construction fencing will impact vehicular access to specific parking spaces and signs will be posted on those spaces. Please see map for specific locations of fencing noting parking space impacts. During working hours please follow direction of traffic control flagmen and/or construction workers.

If you have any questions please contact project manager Pnina Goldberg ( at (858) 534-1975, or project specialist Tessa France ( at (858) 822-6587. We greatly appreciate your patience during these construction activities as we continue to strive to meet the space needs of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine.

M. Boone Hellmann, FAIA
Associate Vice Chancellor
Campus Architect
Facilities Design & Construction