September 23, 2010


SUBJECT: Report of the Presidential Task Force on Post-Employment Benefits

Dear Colleagues:

In March 2009, President Yudof appointed a Task Force on Post-Employment Benefits. The Task Force was charged with formulating a comprehensive series of recommendations about the University’s retirement benefits. The Task Force has delivered its report, and the Academic Senate has been asked to review and comment on the Task Force’s recommendations. Access to the report and other pertinent information may be found on the Senate’s home page at

Some of our Senate colleagues who served on the Task Force have submitted a dissenting statement to the report. Two of those colleagues, James Chalfant (UCD, current Chair of the University Committee on Planning and Budget) and Helen Henry (UCR, current Chair of the University Committee on Faculty Welfare’s Task Force on Investment and Retirement), have provided two additional documents, a summary slide presentation and a Guide to Pension Options. While these two documents contain the opinions of Professors Chalfant and Henry, they may be helpful in understanding the Task Force’s recommendations. These documents are also available at the above url.

The time frame for the Senate’s review of the report is very short because President Yudof will present his recommendation to The Regents at their November meeting. Here are some ways in which you can provide feedback and gain information:

• Review the report and send any comments you might have to me at before October 22.

• Participate in the University-wide Web Town Hall that will be held tomorrow, September 24. More information can be found in the recent

campus notice,

• Attend the Representative Assembly meeting on Tuesday, October 26. Academic Council Chair Daniel Simmons and Vice Chair Robert Anderson will be present to discuss a variety of matters and also answer questions about Post-Employment Benefits.

These recommendations affect the future of the University as a whole and all of us as individuals. Please take the time to look at the report and provide feedback.


Frank L. Powell
Academic Senate, San Diego Division