January 31, 2012


SUBJECT:    2012-13 IICAS Faculty Research Planning/Travel Grants

Applications from UCSD faculty members are invited for the 2012-13 IICAS Faculty Research Planning/Travel Grants. These grants support the research and research planning activities of faculty teams whose intellectual interests promise to produce significant collaborative projects. These grants provide intellectual venture capital to encourage new links among investigators and to launch projects that will attract extramural funding. Project funds may be used for research workshops and small conferences, research group meetings, research travel costs, a seminar series linked to a prospective research group, and other activities essential to projects that satisfy the criteria given above. IICAS grants will not be made for individual research.

Supported research should be about other societies rather than simply conducted in other societies. Applications from fields outside the social sciences and humanities may be eligible if they deal with global issues, cross-national comparisons, or research on particular societies and also have a substantial human or societal dimension. (Implications for public policy should be made explicit.)

Maximum grant: $5,000

Criteria for Selection
. An interdisciplinary, inter-divisional and/or comparative subject. (Cross-regional projects are particularly encouraged; multi-country comparative projects also satisfy this criterion.)
. Intellectual originality and breadth
. Number of faculty and graduate student participants at UCSD
. Clear plan for a publishable research result
. Supplementary funding obtained or sought from UCSD and external sources
. Potential for extramural funding

. Members of the UCSD Academic Senate Proposal Format
. Cover page
. Abstract
. Statement of purpose
. Designated Principal Investigator(s) and other faculty participants, including brief biographical information
. Project plan (a timeline for activities - Project should start and end between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013)
. Itemized budget (1 page)
. Statement of purpose and Principle Investigator(s) biographical information combined not to exceed 2000 words.

Submission of Proposals / Deadline
Submit four (4) copies of complete proposal package no later than 3:00 PM on March 12, 2012. Late proposals will not be accepted. Please staple each copy of your proposal package separately, and do not use paper clips or report covers.

Mailing address for proposals in all categories:
ATTN: Martha S. Salinas
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla , CA 92093-0539

For hand delivery, please see our directions.

Notification and Acceptance

Results for all award categories will be announced in late April 2012. Initial notifications will be sent by email. Notice of acceptance must be received no later than June 1, 2012. Failure to notify IICAS of intent to accept the award by this date will result in forfeiture of the award.

Disposition of Proposals

All materials submitted for this competition become the property of IICAS. IICAS assumes no responsibility for retaining or returning materials submitted for this competition.

Reporting Requirements

Recipients must agree to acknowledge assistance from IICAS-supported research. Each award recipient must also submit a brief report on the use of the grant.

Further application information may be found at the IICAS Faculty Grants page: