October 5, 2012


SUBJECT:    The UCSD Faculty Mentor Program

Are you looking for an undergraduate research assistant? Would you like to support undergraduate research at UCSD? The Faculty Mentor Program gives undergraduates the opportunity to work one on one with UCSD faculty. All disciplines are welcome!

The FMP can help match you with an undergraduate research assistant: whether you're interested in having a student work in your lab, helping you with your own research, or helping a student develop his or her own research interests.

* The FMP can provide matching services for faculty or on-campus labs looking for undergraduates. Just let us know your requirements such as GPA, work hours, lab experience, classes taken, etc. as well as a description of the research you/your lab is conducting.
* If you are not currently working on a research project but would like to work with an undergraduate who's working on his/her own project, just let us know what kinds of projects you could supervise and what you would require of your students.
* If you already have a student and would like to participate, you can put them in touch with our offices, and we will help them fill out the necessary paperwork.
* If you have cohort of students in a program, you can coordinate your program with the FMP. Contact the FMP coordinator, Karen Van Ness, at or (858) 534-5791 for more information. The AEP is always looking to develop new programs to encourage undergraduate research.

To participate, faculty must be able to sponsor a 199 independent study course, be willing to spend 1 hour a week meeting with his/her mentee, and be available Winter and Spring Quarters.

Students who participate in the FMP receive 2 semesters of 199 (Independent Study) classes, attend training sessions and workshops on such topics as how to present at academic conferences, and present their projects at the FMP Research Symposium in the Spring.

How to get started: Register online here: We also cordially invite you to attend our informational breakfast (you may send a representative, such as a post-doc or graduate student) on October 23, in the conference room of old Student Center B from 9am-11am. To RSVP for the breakfast or for more information, please go here:

Contact: Karen Van Ness (858) 534-5791 or

Dr. David Artis
Dean, Undergraduate Research Initiatives
Academic Enrichment Programs