February 1, 2012

All Faculty and Staff at UCSD (Excluding UCSD Medical Center)

SUBJECT:    New Voicemail Service

As part of our continual efforts to improve our services and achieve operational efficiency, we are replacing the campus Voice Mail system with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging. The new unified messaging system will integrate campus voice mail with campus email, allowing faculty and staff to access and manage all messages in a more efficient and unified manner from any landline telephone, mobile phone, and laptop/desktop computer mail client.

Since the new voice mail system is integrated in the campus MS Exchange email system, users of our campus MS Exchange email system will be able to use all of the enhanced voice mail features. Users who are not on the campus Exchange email system (i.e., departmental hosted email systems) will be limited to a reduced set of the new voice mail features, due to the interoperability issues of different email systems.

We will migrate campus departments to the new voice mail system one at a time from February through June 2012. Faculty and staff with voicemail will receive an email message with the instruction to activate their new voice mail. Upon receiving the instruction, you will have seven (7) calendar days to initialize and activate your new account on your own. After the seventh calendar day, your new voice mail will be automatically activated. For more information about the new voice mail system, please visit

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact the ACT Help Desk at or at (858) 534-1853.

Min Yao
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Administrative Computing and