March 19, 2012


SUBJECT:    Notice of Election - Social Sciences Member, Committee on Committees

Dear Colleagues:

In accordance with Bylaw 185 of the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate, I have been notified that a Social Sciences member of the Committee on Committees has resigned his position effective August 31, 2012. The date of election will be May 16, 2012. In addition to the positions listed in the March 12, 2012 Notice of Election (, notice is hereby given that nominations are also open for the position of Social Sciences member on Committee on Committees:

* One member of the Committee on Committees (Nominations are restricted to this area.)
-- One from any of the Social Sciences departments to fill an unexpired term, Sept. 1, 2012 through Aug. 31, 2014

A separate Nominating Petition for this position can be found at ( Please note that the nominee must be contacted by the Senate members signing the Petition and must have agreed to serve the appropriate term if elected. To be valid, a Nominating Petition must be signed by five voting members of the Division and must be received in the Academic Senate Office [mail code 0002, University Center 215], no later than Thursday, March 29, 2012, 4:30 p.m.

Service terms of the following Senate members will expire effective August 31, 2012:
* Chair of the Division: Joel Sobel (Economics)
* Divisional Representatives to the systemwide Assembly of the Academic Senate: Lorraine Pillus (Biological Sciences), Peter D. Wagner (Medicine)
* Committee on Committees: Michael Davidson (Humanities Member/Literature), Judith Dolan (Arts Member/Theatre and Dance), Takeo Hoshi (Social Sciences Member/IRPS), Kit Pogliano (Sciences Member/Biological Sciences), Sidney Zisook (Health Sciences Member/Psychiatry), Neal Driscoll (SIO Member/SIO) [resigned March 8, 2012]

The following Senate members continue to serve:
* 2012-2013 Chair: T. Guy Masters (SIO)
* Divisional Representatives to the systemwide Assembly of the Academic Senate: John Hildebrand (SIO), Douglas Magde (Chemistry/Biochemistry), Eric Watkins (Philosophy)
* Committee on Committees: Gerard Boss (Health Sciences Member/Medicine), Anne Conn(Engineering Member/MAE), Steven Constable (At-large Member/SIO), Katja Lindenberg (Sciences Member/Chemistry & Biochemistry), Andrew Scull (Social Sciences Member/Sociology), Sharon Reed (Health Sciences Member/Pathology)


T. Guy Masters
Academic Senate, San Diego Division