April 9, 2012


SUBJECT:    Release of Payroll Projections 3.0

We are pleased to announce the campus-wide release of a completely redesigned web application for payroll projections as part of the FinancialLink suite of online tools. A number of financial managers were selected from various campus units to provide suggestions on improving the usability and functions of our online tools. Based on their suggestions, in this release of the application for payroll projections, the user interface and workflows have been streamlined for ease of use and the functionality and reporting capabilities have also been added. Below is a summary of the major improvements in this release:

- Payroll projections in MyFunds now are reported in the same fashion as in the Expanded Budget Summary Report in FinancialLink.

- New web navigation has been built between Payroll Projections and MyFunds. Users can now easily toggle between both tools.

- Three new built-in reports are added:
+ Override Project Report - Produces a report of payroll projection overrides for a specific date range.
+ Payroll Projections by Month - Produces a full future projection report, by employee, by month (base + overrides).
+ Payroll Projections Detail - Produces a report on the details of an employee's projections for a specific date range by project or index.

- Feel and look of the application are aligned with the new "Blink 2.0" style user interface.

- Workflows for modifying or creating projections are now semi-guided with clearer instructions and error messages.

- NGN recharges are pre-calculated from historical charges and included in corresponding new projections.

- New auto-complete feature on input boxes allows the user to locate an employee, IFOP or project with the need of typing only the first few letters.

- Support for "By Agreement" DOS codes (BYA, BYC, BYP, BYR) has been added.

To access the tool, please go the FinancialLink, then to "Transactions" on the left side menu and click on Payroll Projections 3.0 (Beta). Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the application by entering directly into your browser.

For all other financial software releases, please visit the FinancialLink main page and click on FINANCIAL SYSTEMS RELEASE NOTES at the bottom of the page.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank the members of the campus financial FOCUS group who helped us design and test this new application. If you have any questions or comments regarding this new consolidated online approval process, please contact Bill Sweetman, Financial Web manager, at, or Kian Colestock, Director of Financial Systems, at

Min Yao
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Administrative Computing and