August 20, 2012


SUBJECT:    Call for Nominations for the Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Award

To honor and encourage faculty mentors who serve as effective advisors, advocates, role models, and colleagues, we are excited to announce the Garnett-Powers and Associates "What Powers You: Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Award". UC San Diego Postdoctoral Scholars are individuals who have recently completed a doctoral degree and, under the oversight of a faculty mentor, continue research training in preparation for a career in academe, industry, government, or the nonprofit sector. Faculty mentors who provide guidance, support, and inspiration to research and career excellence are essential to the success of the postdoctoral scholar. This award recognizes faculty who consistently promote and actively engage in the many forms of mentorship.

Additionally, the postdoctoral scholar whose mentor receives the award will receive up to $2,000 to use toward career development or education activities.

Overview of submission requirements:
* The nominator must be a UCSD Postdoctoral Scholar with at least one year of UCSD postdoctoral experience (at time of award) in the mentor's lab. Stronger preference will be given to those with 2-3 years of experience.
* The nomination must have two endorsements. Endorsements may be from current postdocs, graduate students, colleagues, or postdocs who have recently transitioned to a successful position in academia or industry.
* Nomination must be endorsed by Department Chair.
* Narrative statement should be no more than two pages.
* Current curriculum vitae for faculty nominee (shortened to 3-5 pages) that include mentor criteria, list of current and past postdoctoral scholars, and their placement/position upon leaving UCSD.

To nominate an outstanding mentor, review the detailed criteria at Nomination forms are available at the same link. The deadline for receipt of the nomination packet is 5:00pm on Monday, September 10, 2012.

If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Oh in the Office of Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Affairs at 858-534-6632 or via email at

Sandra A. Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research