September 25, 2012


SUBJECT:    The UCSD Faculty Mentor Program

Are you interested in research? Are you planning on pursuing an advanced degree? If so, you should consider applying to the UCSD Faculty Mentor Program! The Faculty Mentor Program gives undergraduates the opportunity to work one on one with UCSD faculty, to develop research skills and so get a head start on graduate school, to participate in cutting edge research projects with far-reaching impact, and to make significant contributions to their fields of study.

All majors are welcome!

Working with a faculty member, you can:
* Develop your own research project,
* Help a professor with his or her own research, or
* Work in a laboratory on campus

To participate, you must:
* Have a GPA of 2.7 or higher
* Have Junior or Senior status (or 90 units) by Winter Quarter 2013
* Commit to 10 hours a week for two quarters

Students who participate in the FMP:
* Receive 2 semesters of 199 classes
* Attend training sessions and workshops on such topics as how to
   present at academic conferences
* Present their projects at the FMP Research Symposium in the Spring

The program runs Winter and Spring Quarters; applications are due by Week 8 of Fall Quarter. Apply online now:

For more information, see the FMP blog:
We will also have an informational meeting October 15 from 5-7pm in the Price Center's East Ballroom.

Contact: Karen Van Ness, Program Coordinator (858) 534-5791
Old Student Center B, Room 207

Dr. David Artis
Undergraduate Research Initiatives