October 29, 2014


SUBJECT:    CONSTRUCTION ALERT – Construction of the East Campus Parking Structure Parking Lot P756

Project Description/Location:

The construction of a new 1,200 space parking structure, located on Lot P756, will commence on November 1, 2014 with an estimated completion of December 1, 2015 (approximately 13 months). During construction, Lot P756 will be closed. Parking spaces will be reallocated as follows: “A” spaces will be relocated to Lot P760. “ADA” spaces will be relocated to Lot P751. The displaced “B” spaces in Lot P760 will be relocated to Lot P783. Drivers may also park in the existing parking structure on Medical Center Drive.

Immediate Street Traffic, Bicycle Lane and Pedestrian Impacts:

Lot P756 will be closed permanently and a row of parking spaces in Lot P703 will be absorbed into the construction zone.

Vehicular impacts: Health Sciences Drive will be narrowed to 2 lanes (1 eastbound lane and 1 westbound lane) with a center turn lane that will accommodate access to patient parking lot P784. Flagmen will be present at the west and east ends of the project site along Health Sciences Drive to keep public traffic from entering the construction staging area and provide direction to construction vehicles.

Pedestrian travel will be impacted. The sidewalk and stairs on the north side of Health Sciences Drive (between Radiation Oncology Pet/CT Scanner [ROPCC] and Moores Cancer Center) will be closed for the duration of construction. Pedestrian traffic will be redirected to a new stair at the intersection of Voigt and Health Sciences Drive and then to the south side of Health Sciences Drive.

The sidewalk in front of Lot P756 on the east side of Medical Center Drive will also remain closed for the duration of construction. Pedestrians will be directed to use the west sidewalk along Medical Center Drive.

Bicyclists will need to “SHARE the ROAD” with vehicle traffic as the dedicated bike lanes will be removed during construction.

The “Superloop” bus stop currently on the east side of Medical Center Drive adjacent to Lot P756 will be relocated to the north side of Medical Center Drive near the corner of Campus Point Drive. The electronic display will not be present for the duration of construction.

Delivery trucks will be redirected to Athena Circle to minimize traffic on Health Sciences Drive and Medical Center Drive.

Please view the area map at (best viewed with Internet Explorer):

If you have any questions, please contact project manager Barbara Anderson ( at (858) 967-6464 or project specialist Drew Elkshoulder ( at (858) 534-4157. We greatly appreciate your patience during these construction activities.

Wm. Joel King, AIA
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Architect