October 31, 2014


SUBJECT:    Community Alert Bulletin - UCSD Police looking for assistance regarding ongoing bicycle thefts on campus

On 10-30-14, at approximately 1:50pm, a UCSD student returned to the Student Services area, where he had secured his bicycle, to find two males in the process of cutting his cable lock. The males are described as #1 an 18-25 year old Hispanic adult with short black hair, brown eyes, thin mustache/goatee, 5'4" to 5'6", weighing 130-150 pounds, wearing a white or tan backpack; and #2 a 25- 30 year old Caucasian adult with short, straight brown hair, clean shaven face, 5'9" to 5'11, weighing 170-180 pounds, described as having a dirty appearance and wrinkled skin. The student gave chase, while yelling for help, but the suspects were able to get away with his bike. Police responded to the area but were unable to locate the stolen bike.

Safety Tips:

" Register (license) your bike with the police department

" Keep photographs of your bicycle, highlighting any unique features or markings

" Use a heavy duty U-Lock, such as the Kryptonite New York U-Lock

" Be sure to secure the bike frame, not just the wheel

" If you see a crime in progress or hear someone yelling for help, call 911

" For resident students, be sure to check your bike frequently and avoid leaving it unattended for extended periods of time

Please contact Detective Michael Williams or Detective Brian MacPherson at 858-534-4359 or send an email to with any additional information.