February 19, 2014


SUBJECT:    Review of Larry Goldstein as Director of the UC San Diego Stem Cell Program

We have been appointed to serve on a committee to conduct a review, in accordance with university policy, of Larry Goldstein's performance as Director of the UC San Diego Stem Cell Program. The official charge to the committee is to evaluate Director Goldstein's performance in the following areas:

*strengthening the quality of the stem cell research, education, patient care, and community service at UC San Diego
*faculty recruitment and retention
*short and long-range academic planning
*development of academic programs; organizational and structural change
*clinical translation and education
*enhancing the profile, visibility, and prestige of UC San Diego as a
leader in stem cell science and regenerative medicine
*fund-raising and acquisition of external resources including grants
*organizational improvements; management of personnel and financial
*promotion of morale and sense of collective purpose
*contributions to the larger campus community and effectiveness as a
campus leader
*a commitment to and success in establishing and achieving institutional
diversity goals
*efforts to promote an environment in which the highest standards of
ethical conduct are understood to be a primary responsibility of all
members of the unit

We would welcome your comments on any aspect of Director Goldstein's performance. Please feel free to consult with others in your unit who may have relevant information. You may share your comments by e-mailing the review committee collectively ( or by e-mailing or writing to any of us directly. We would appreciate receiving your response by Friday, March 7, 2014. The report of the ad hoc committee will not identify individual respondents; respondents will remain confidential. Director Goldstein will be provided a copy of the committee report without any identification of the input source.

Shu Chien, Chair

Director Goldstein Review Committee:

*Professor Seema Aceves (Associate Professor Clinical, Pediatrics)
*Professor Shu Chien (Bioengineering), Chair
*Professor Jack Dixon (Pharmacology)
*Adjunct Professor Fred Gage (Neuroscience)
*Professor Roberto Malinow (Neuroscience)
*Professor Mark Mercola (Bioengineering)
*Professor Michael Sailor (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
*Professor David Traver (Cellular & Molecular Medicine)