February 6, 2014

(excluding UCSD Medical Center)

Subject:    Control Tracker-Exclusive Source for Documenting Department Key Controls

We are excited to announce the launch of a new web application to document the review and follow-up activities in key control areas within each department. The new Control Tracker application was designed to save the user time, provide better internal control information, and to streamline the documentation process for users.

In addition to documenting Key Control Activities, Control Tracker issues alerts to performers and certifiers to aid us in meeting deadlines for accomplishing these activities. There are 80 departments that were early adopters of Control Tracker that have been piloting the use of this new tool. We thank these volunteers for helping us refine and improve the Control Tracker system. Now it is time for everyone else to adopt Control Tracker.

We are providing a five month period for all departments to transition from the old "UCSD Department Key Controls Documentation" paper form to the new Control Tracker web-based system. After July 1, 2014, use of the paper form must be discontinued.

We all have responsibility to exercise specific key controls on a regular interval and to document that activity. Those Key Controls are:

* Fiscal Operation Review
* Ledger Transaction Verification
* Overdraft Funds Review
* Payroll Expense Verification
* Permanent Staffing Reconciliation
* Credit Card Activity Review
* Physical Inventory
* Security of Assets and Personal Information
* Effort Reporting
* Balance Sheet Certifications
* Petty Cash and Change Funds

Control Tracker can be accessed through the FinancialLink portal in the Transaction Toolbox. Prior to accessing Control Tracker, users are required to take the online tutorial offered through Staff Education UC Learning Center. Information regarding Control Tracker is also on Blink at

Please feel free to contact Debbie Rico at (858) 822-2797 or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Don Larson
Controller/Assistant Vice Chancellor
Business and Financial Services