March 24, 2014


SUBJECT:    2014-2015 Salary Program for Academic Personnel

I am pleased to inform you that President Napolitano has announced the details of the 2014-2015 salary program for faculty and other non-represented academic personnel. Eligible academic personnel will receive a 3% increase effective July 1, 2014 (reflected on the August 1, 2014 paycheck).

The increase will be applied to on-scale salaries, above-scale salaries, and off-scale salaries that are not subject to tapering.

For faculty participating in the Health Sciences Compensation Plan or the General Campus Compensation Plan, the increase should be considered during the annual salary negotiation process.

Appointees with by-agreement salaries, including visiting titles, are not eligible for the salary increase.

Salary scales for represented academic personnel are set by the terms of their collective bargaining contract. Below are general details regarding represented academics at UC San Diego. For more detailed information, please reference the relevant contract.

Lecturers and other titles in the Non-Senate Instructional Unit: Salaries will be increased by 3% on July 1, 2014. In addition, beginning July 1, 2014, appointees with Continuing status will be eligible to move to a new scale following the conclusion of their regularly scheduled merit review if they are deemed "excellent," consistent with the Article 22 of the contract (new scales for Continuing appointees will be released at a later date).

Librarians: Represented and non-represented Librarians are subject to the new salary structure issued on November 13, 2013; those rates will not be further adjusted. Represented Librarians will be eligible to move onto Phase 2 of scale Table 26-B at the conclusion of their regularly scheduled merit review. For non-represented Librarians, Phase One and Two of the new salary scales will be implemented on July 1, 2014.

Academic Student Employee (ASEs): No adjustment will be made at this time as contract negotiations are underway.

Postdoctoral Scholar Unit: Stipend rates were increased on February 14, 2014, pursuant to the contract and the NIH announcement, and will not be further adjusted.

UC San Diego Medical Residents: The salary scale for UC San Diego House Staff will be adjusted effective July 1, 2014, to bring the UC stipend levels to the Council of Teaching Hospitals (COTH) 50th percentile.

The new scales have been posted on the Academic Compensation website at:

Questions regarding the salary program may be directed to

Suresh Subramani
Executive Vice Chancellor