May 9, 2014


SUBJECT:    Subawards and General Campus Service Agreements – Transfer to Research Affairs/OCGA

After more than a year of careful evaluation and analysis, it has been determined that staff managing outgoing sponsored research subawards, currently assigned to Procurement & Contracts, will be reorganized to join Research Affairs under the Office of Contract & Grant Administration (OCGA). This team will be referred to as the “Subaward Team” and will become a new unit within OCGA. To support better coordination, the Subaward team has been relocated to Torrey Pines Center North (TPCN), adjacent to OCGA.

The Subaward team is primarily responsible for managing outgoing subawards in support of extramurally funded prime research awards. The alignment of OCGA and the Subaward Team enables a more fluid and coordinated approach between sponsored research proposals, awards and subawards. This change resulted from a year-long effort by OCGA and Procurement & Contracts to improve and streamline processes and systems that support outgoing subawards.

Also at this time, the Service Agreement Officer supporting UCSD provided services (Service Agreements) for the General Campus departments and ORUs will realign to OCGA.

Following are links to updated contacts and information about subawards and service agreements.

Subaward Contacts:

Subaward Guidance:

UCSD Provided Services:

Other responsibilities associated with complex procurement contracts, consultants and independent contractors, formal competitive bids, and other unique business contracting issues, will remain the responsibility of Procurement & Contracts. Please refer to this web page:

or contact

Please address any questions to Ted Johnson, Chief Procurement Officer/Interim Controller ( or Linda Collins, Assistant Vice Chancellor Contracts & Grants (

Sandra Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research