June 12, 2014


SUBJECT:    Reappointment of Steven Cassedy as Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

It is my pleasure to inform the campus community that I have reappointed Professor Steven Cassedy as Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for an additional five-year term, effective October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2019. Associate Dean Cassedy has provided outstanding service to our campus.

His primary responsibilities are to organize our regular series of graduate program reviews on behalf of the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate, and to advise faculty, departments, programs and divisions on the design of new graduate programs. His extensive Senate experience prior to joining the Office of Graduate Studies, including as Chair of Graduate Council and the systemwide Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs, has been extremely valuable in his current position. In addition, Associate Dean Cassedy is currently unselfishly shouldering an additional responsibility by serving as Interim Director of the Center for Teaching Development.

In addition to his administrative roles, Associate Dean Cassedy continues his career as a teacher and renowned scholar of Russian literature, other Western European literatures, intellectual history of the West, and Russian-Jewish and American-Jewish cultural history. His new book, Connected - How Trains, Genes, Pineapples, Piano Keys, and a Few Disasters Transformed Americans at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century (published by Stanford University Press, 2014) has received acclaim from both lay and scholarly readers, and has been reviewed in the Boston Globe and San Diego Union-Tribune, among others. The volume received a Gold Medal in the IPPY (Independent Publisher) Book Awards. Associate Dean Cassedy has also been advanced to Professor, Above Scale, effective July 1, 2014.

In sum, the campus is most fortunate to enjoy Professor Cassedy's dedication to both his administrative and professorial roles. Please join me in congratulating him on his reappointment.

Kim E. Barrett
Dean of Graduate Studies