January 30, 2015


SUBJECT:    ‘Frontiers of Innovation’ Program Seeds Seven Multidisciplinary Projects on Campus

An initiative led by the Office of the Chancellor and Research Affairs will help launch seven major research projects on campus, all focused on advancing the university’s strategic research goals.

The “Frontiers of Innovation” program is a campus-wide effort to support the primary initiatives of the university’s Strategic Plan.

A major component provides funding to support teams of our scholars from all across campus as they work to launch large-scale multidisciplinary research applications.

Our support for these new projects reflects our strong commitment to the research goals articulated in the campus strategic plan. Thanks to the Academic Senate, faculty reviewers, and the Office of Research Affairs, the forward-looking Frontiers of Innovation program will help ensure our continued leadership in research well into the future.

UC San Diego’s research enterprise is focused on four broad but strategic goals: understanding and protecting the planet; enriching human life and society; exploring the basis of human knowledge, learning, and creativity; and understanding cultures and addressing disparities in society.

We want to engage all campus members in their efforts to answer basic questions and address the needs of our global society. We were challenged by the large number of applications for this seed funding; however, the faculty review committee identified seven exciting efforts to begin this process.

This year, the Frontiers of Innovation Center Development funds will go to:

Center for Biological Timing in the 21st Century
Led by Michael Gorman, Susan Golden, Satchin Panda
Research area: Understanding and Protecting the Planet

Sustainable Power and Energy Center
Led by Shirley Meng, Oleg Shpyrko
Research area: Understanding and Protecting the Planet

UCSD Center for Translational Computer-Aided Drug Discovery & Project Management
Led by Rommie Amaro, James McKerrow
Research area: Enriching Human Life and Society

UCSD Center for Compound Resources
Led by William Gerwick, Dionicio Siegel
Research area: Enriching Human Life and Society

Institute for Integrative Science of the Developing Mind and Brain
Led by Jeff Elman, Susan Tapert
Research area: Exploring the Basis of Human Knowledge, Learning, and Creativity

Center for Research on Gender in STEMM
Led by Mary Blair-Loy, Wendy Campana, Pamela Cosman
Research area: Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society

The UC San Diego Community Stations
Led by Angela Booker, Fonna Forman, Teddy Cruz
Research area: Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society

A second major component of the campus investment in our research future is the Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program, which focuses on supporting students working in areas key to UC San Diego’s future. The FISP program provides fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral scholars working on major multidisciplinary research projects.
These creative and ambitious faculty efforts will help us take a bold step toward meeting the grand challenges facing the world today.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Sandra A. Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research