October 13, 2015


SUBJECT:    Timely Warning – Lewd Act in Public

On 10-13-15, at approximately 3:58 PM, UC San Diego Police Department received a report of a lewd act in public at Black’s Beach, which occurred between 0930 and 1000 AM.

The victim stated she had been running on the beach when she was approached by an unknown nude male. After asking the victim for sex, which she declined, the male then started making several obscene comments while touching his exposed genitals.

The victim immediately fled the area. The male did not follow the victim but did remain on Black’s Beach.

The victim described the male as being: Hispanic, between 20 and 30 years old, approximately 5’ 4” tall, very tan, with short dark hair. The victim had no previous contact with the subject but believe him to be a regular on Black’s Beach.

If you see or are approached by someone matching the suspect's description, do not approach, and call 9-1-1 or UCSD Police at 858-534-4357.

If you have further information about this incident or experience a similar incident please contact UCSD Police at 858-534-4357 or send an email to

General Safety Considerations:

• Be alert and aware. Pay full attention to who is around and where you place your belongings. Know that portions of Black’s Beach are deemed “Clothing Optional” and nudity is permitted in these areas.
• Take / go with a friend. Whenever able, go with at least one other person when going out. Offenders often target single subjects and can be dissuaded by multiple people. Avoid isolating yourself with individuals you are not familiar with.
• Use the UCSD Safety Escort Program, (858) 534-WALK, available daily from dusk to dawn. Know the location of campus emergency telephones on routes to and from campus destinations.

If you are encounter a similar experience:

• If possible, immediately leave the area. Contact the police as soon as possible, if not immediately. If unable to leave, try to create as much noise as possible in order to draw attention and people to you.