October 20, 2015


SUBJECT:    UC Open Access Policy

Dear Colleagues,

The UC San Diego Library, in conjunction with the UC San Diego Academic Senate Committee on Library, has made a significant effort to inform UC San Diego faculty about the UC Academic Senate’s Open Access Policy, approved on July 24, 2013. (A brief overview of the policy follows my signature line below.) I’m very pleased to announce that, beginning Tuesday, October 20, UC San Diego faculty will join Senate faculty at UCI, UCLA, UCM, UCSC, and UCSF as participants in the UC Publications Management System. This system will ensure that compliance with the UC Open Access Policy is as convenient as possible.

Once launched, the publications management system will monitor selected publication data sources to identify new journal articles by UC San Diego faculty authors. When the system identifies new articles that you have authored or co-authored, you will receive an email message through which you can confirm your authorship and upload your manuscripts to eScholarship to comply with the policy.

The following notes may be useful for when you begin to receive these email notifications:

§ Your UC San Diego Business Systems or Active Directory logon will connect you to the publications management system from the link provided in the notification.
§ Article manuscripts are not deposited in eScholarship automatically. When you confirm authorship of your articles, the system then interfaces with eScholarship so you can upload your manuscripts.
§ You can delegate management of your publications to someone else. When you receive a notification from the system, click on the relevant link in the notification for instructions.
§ Please note that the first pass of the publications management system will likely retrieve a larger number of articles than it will going forward, because initially the system will gather the full publication history for each author. The notification message will specify which of these articles are covered by the UC Open Access Policy.
§ If the publications management system has identified publications authored by another person with a name similar to yours, you can simply reply to the email and the system administrators will work to refine your publications list.

UC San Diego librarians are available to answer questions and provide assistance with the UC Open Access Policy as well as with larger issues of how to broadly disseminate and preserve your published research. Please contact the UC San Diego Open Access Policy Team at

Sincere regards,

Eric Bakovic
Professor, Linguistics Department
Chair, UCSD Academic Senate
Committee on Library
Chair, University Committee on
Library and Scholarly Communication

University of California [UC] Academic Senate Open Access Policy Background:

After extensive discussion and a vote by Academic Senate Faculty on each campus, the UC Academic Senate adopted the UC Open Access Policy on July 24, 2013. Through this policy, faculty authors of journal articles grant UC a non-exclusive license prior to any contractual arrangements with publishers. The manuscripts of published articles can then be made widely and publicly available through the UC eScholarship repository ( enabling students, scholars, and the general public to access them at no charge, which increases readership of and citations to the work.

If you have co-authors who are not UC faculty and thereby not subject to the policy, you are not required to obtain their permission because the license is non-exclusive. However, it would be best to treat this policy like other co-authorship issues and to inform your co-authors in advance.

Please visit for the full text of the policy and other useful information pertaining to it.