November 16, 2015


SUBJECT:    UC San Diego Undergraduate Proof of Concept Competition

The Office of Innovation and Commercialization and The Basement are partnering in the UC San Diego innovation ecosystem to challenge students to be creative and engage in entrepreneurship to enhance their readiness for today's global economy.

Do you have a cool idea for a new app, a new gadget, or a new solution to a problem? Not sure how to get started? Put a team together (up to four currently enrolled undergrads) and win funding to get your idea off the ground by entering the UC San Diego Proof of Concept (PoC) Competition. The cash prize for the first round is up to $2,000. Winners who go on to the next round of competition can get up to $3,000 in additional funding.

Proposals will be evaluated on level of innovation, commercial potential, competitive advantage, and use of PoC funds. Winning teams get help with prototype development and secure a presentation slot at The Basement Demo Day on April 28, 2016. Put on your entrepreneur caps and get started!

How to Apply:

Submit a proposal (three pages max) describing the project/product idea and how you plan to use the PoC funds. You can also include a video (five minutes max) with your proposal.

Your proposal should include answers to the following questions (1/2 page max for each answer):

* What's your idea or product?
* What's the application?
* What is the goal(s) of your project?
* How will you use the funds?
* Who are you? (brief bio of team members)

For more information and to submit proposals go to:

Deadline for proposals is 12/23/15.

Paul Roben
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
Office of Innovation and Commercialization