February 27, 2015


SUBJECT:    Retirement Planning

I write to remind you that whenever you begin to consider planning for retirement, the University offers you a variety of opportunities, including in some cases an individualized Pathway to Retirement Plan that may be of assistance.

UCSD Benefits Office: Our on-site benefits counselors are always ready to consult with you about the various retirement benefits available through the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) and about your specific situation. Contact the Benefits Office at (858)534-2816 or visit their website for more information:

UC Retirement Administration Service Center: The UC system-wide service center that will assist you with retirement questions:

Fidelity Retirement Services: As the record-keeping and account services company for the UC Retirement Savings Program [Defined Contribution, Tax-Deferred 403(b), and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans], Fidelity Retirement Services can provide account balances and other information about your accounts. Their website has interactive planning tools and other information to help you plan financial issues in retirement:

UCSD Retirement Association and UCSD Emeriti Association: The UCSD Retirement Association and UCSD Emeriti Association sponsor excellent programs that assist faculty as they plan the transition from active work to retirement, and anticipate ways of spending time in retirement and remaining active in our campus community.

Pathways to Retirement Plan: Should you have an interest in an individual Pathways to Retirement Plan by which you can establish a specific date for retirement up to two years in the future and develop a plan of research, teaching and service prior to separation, you should so indicate to your Chair, who may then choose to develop such a plan in consultation with you, subject to review and approval by your Dean. Possible components of such a plan may include a modified teaching schedule for up to one year, a deferral of an upcoming review (which could otherwise entail augmented teaching or service responsibilities), summer ninths for specific research or assignments performed, office or laboratory space, or some other benefit.

If you are at least 60 years of age with at least 5 years of UCRP service credit, your Chair may also include consideration of a pre-retirement Recall agreement. If you are interested in exploring the development of such a plan, please inform your department Chair of your interest in being contacted.

William S. Hodgkiss
Associate Vice Chancellor
Academic Personnel and Resources