February 6, 2015


SUBJECT:    Student Regent Application

We are pleased to announce that applications to be the next Student Regent are now available.

The Student Regent is a representative for the UC Board of Regents. The Board of Regents establishes policy in areas such as personnel, campus development, student fees, and admissions. The Board also appoints the President of the University, the ten campus Chancellors, the Directors of the major Department of Energy research laboratories, and the Officers of The Regents.

The Student Regent has a two-year commitment to serve while registered at any of the UC campuses. In the first year (beginning July 2015), the selected student serves as a "Regent-designate" and is invited to meetings of the Board of Regents and its Committees, but without a vote. During the second year of service (beginning July 2016), the Student Regent is a full voting member of the Board of Regents of the University of California, attending all meetings of the Board and its Committees.

All mandatory University fees, tuition, and parking fees are waived for the Student Regent during the academic years in which they serve as a Regent-designate and member of the Board. The Student Regent is also reimbursed for expenses incurred for attendance at meetings of the Board and its Committees.

Applications to be the Student Regent are due February 22nd, 2015 and can be accessed at:

Applicants must submit a completed and signed application, a current resume, and an essay as described on the application form. Materials should be emailed to Regents Analyst Clare Sheridan at AND also to UC San Diego's Student Regent coordinator, Hayley Weddle at

For more information about the position, go to:

If you have additional questions regarding the position or recruitment process, please contact: Hayley Weddle, (858) 534-4451,

Don't miss this opportunity!

Juan C. González
Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs

Hayley Weddle
Associated Students Advisor