June 19, 2015


SUBJECT:    New Tool Allows Faculty and Staff to Identify and Collaborate on Ideas for Campus Operational Improvements

During the Strategic Planning process, we received valuable input from more than 10,000 members of the UC San Diego community that helped to inform and shape the Strategic Plan. I would like to continue this open, collaborative dialogue using IdeaWave a new tool that leverages the collective genius of campus to identify and further develop ideas that will allow us to continue the efforts started by our visionary founders, and collectively redefine the future of education and research at a public university.

In IdeaWave, I am asking you to focus your entrepreneurial spirit and penchant for collaboration on how UC San Diego can create an agile and innovative infrastructure that delivers outstanding support to our mission and maximizes our regional and global impact. Please contribute concrete, actionable and bold ideas that will help us identify, develop and implement innovative new approaches to adapt to a changing world while enabling our departmental staff, faculty, and researchers to focus on delivering our vision of being a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.

Today, I am also announcing our inaugural IdeaWave campaigns and encouraging you to visit to learn more and to submit your ideas, and to comment and vote on ideas submitted by your colleagues.

Launching Today

Idea Campaign 1- Hiring, Orienting, and Engaging the Campus Community

Please tell us what UC San Diego has done well and what improvements could be made to help new hires be more engaged, informed and productive members of the community.

o Co-Sponsored by Suresh Subramani, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Pierre Ouillet, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer; Bill McGinnis, Dean of Biological Sciences

o Idea submission deadline: July 10

o Commenting and voting deadline: July 17

Idea Campaign 2- Campus Challenge to Reduce Administrative Burden

Share your ideas for changes in specific administrative processes and policies that would directly allow our departmental staff, faculty, and researchers to spend more time in support of our core academic mission, with students, in the classroom, publishing, and performing research and service.

o Co-Sponsored by Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor; Gerard Boss, Chair, UC San Diego Academic Senate and Professor

o Idea submission deadline: July 10

o Commenting and voting deadline: July 17

This crowdsourcing effort is overseen by the Standing Committee on Service- and People- Oriented Administrative culture, which is chaired by Professor Kit Pogliano. Please visit for more information on the Standing Committee.

I thank you for your contributions and look forward to seeing you in IdeaWave.

Pradeep K. Khosla