August 31, 2016


SUBJECT:    Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program (FISP) Call for Proposals

The "Frontiers of Innovation" program is a campus-wide effort to support the primary research initiatives of the UC San Diego Strategic Plan. One component of this program provides funding for up to 80 Ph.D. students and 20 postdoctoral fellows working with mentors in at least two different divisions, and up to 100 undergraduate students working in labs, programs, or centers with a multidisciplinary focus. These trainees will have opportunities to develop their ability to communicate and collaborate with those in very different disciplines, build skills in cutting-edge multidisciplinary research and receive professional development training. In academic year 2015-16, the program awarded approximately $2,900,000 in Fellowships to 197 trainees from all disciplines.

The Office of Research Affairs (ORA) invites applications for multidisciplinary research project fellowships from mentors working with trainees across the campus on research supporting one or more of the research areas of UC San Diego's Strategic Plan:

* Understanding and Protecting the Planet
* Enriching Human Life and Society
* Exploring the Basis of Human Knowledge, Learning and Creativity
* Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society

Requests for Project Fellowships from PI- eligible mentors will be considered for a target amount of $25,000 for each Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar and $3,000 for each Undergraduate Student. Priority will be given to projects that are aligned with the UCSD strategic research themes above and represent a new collaborative or multidisciplinary focus, employ novel and creative approaches, and foster commitments to diversity and access.

Ph.D. graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who received funding in 2014-15 and/or 2015-2016, may re-apply for funding in 2016-17. Preference will be given to new applicants. Undergraduate funding is for one year only.

The Proposal Template is available at the FISP web page: Applications for the fellowships will be accepted beginning September 21, 2016. The deadline for receiving applications for this funding opportunity is October 12, 2016, with funding to be available in January 2017. Detailed information on the application and selection process, eligibility, and administrative guidelines is available on the web page.

Sandra A. Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research

Robert Continetti
Academic Senate, Division Chair