January 11, 2017


SUBJECT:    Nominations for Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Awards 2016-2017

The Committee on Senate Awards of the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate invites you to submit nominations for the 2016-2017 Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Awards in the following categories:

. Distinguished Teaching Award, Senate Members
. Barbara and Paul Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award, Non-Senate Members
. Barbara and Paul Saltman Excellent Teaching Award, Graduate Students

Up to five members of the Academic Senate, three non-Senate members, and three graduate students will be honored with the award this Spring. Awards for Senate members are $1,500 each, the Saltman Awards for Non-Senate Members are $1,000 each, and the Saltman Excellent Teaching Awards for Graduate Students are $500 each. Funds for the awards and the reception are generously provided by the Chancellor, the Executive Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, and donors to the Barbara and Paul Saltman Endowment Fund.

Nominations can come from the Department Chair, Program Director, College Provost, faculty, students, or alumni, but must be submitted to the Committee on Senate Awards via the Chair or Director of the nominee's primary department or program. Input on nominations should be encouraged by posting and distributing the call letter to faculty, students, and teaching assistants. The Chair or Director formally nominates the candidate(s) and prepares the dossier for submission to the Committee. Nomination due date: February 10, 2017. Send to the Committee on Senate Awards, Attn. Ashley Welch, mail code 0002 or email to

The file accompanying each nomination should outline the qualities that identify the candidate as a distinguished teacher, should contain detailed supporting material as specified in the "Guidelines for Nominations of Distinguished Teaching," and should document the nominee's contributions to the educational mission of the University. Nominating guidelines can be found at d-teaching

The Awards Ceremony and Reception, held at the Faculty Club, are an opportunity to convey the importance placed on teaching by academic departments and programs and to underscore the high quality of teaching at UC San Diego. Your participation in the nomination process and the ceremony provides deserved recognition of excellence in teaching. Your department/program is also honored, as each recipient's name will bear the citation "Distinguished Teaching Award" in the UC San Diego General Catalog.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to honor teaching among your faculty colleagues and graduate students. If you have questions, please contact Ashley Welch at or 858-534-0970.

Susan Tapert
Committee on Senate Awards