October 17, 2017


SUBJECT:    Mentor an Undergraduate Researcher through the UC San Diego Faculty Mentor Program

UC San Diego faculty members can support undergraduate research by participating in the 2017-18 Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) and providing an undergraduate an opportunity to serve as a research assistant. Mentors benefit from having students assist in research for ten hours a week in both Winter and Spring quarters. In addition to the research experience, students in the program receive two quarters of 199 credit, attend training sessions and workshops conducted by Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP), and present their findings at the annual Spring FMP Symposium.

Mentors are encouraged to offer academic and career guidance to students. Programmatically, mentors must:

* be able to supervise 199 independent study courses in both Winter and Spring quarters,

* be willing to spend one hour per week meeting with their mentee(s) during both quarters, and

* commit to commenting on their mentee’s research proposal and final paper.

Students participating in FMP are screened by AEP, must have junior or senior standing, and must meet GPA and other requirements.

Those faculty members who have a student in mind can refer the student to AEP for formal placement. Faculty members working with more than one student can work with AEP to create a cohort experience for them. AEP will identify prospective research assistants for faculty who want to participate in the program but who do not have a student assistant in mind.

Faculty applications are available now at

Early application is encouraged (students have an application deadline of November 1st). More information is available at

Interested faculty can also contact the FMP coordinator, Jessica Davis, at or 858-534-5791.

Dr. David Artis
Dean, Undergraduate Research Initiatives
Academic Enrichment Programs