December 21, 2017


SUBJECT:    UC San Diego Institute for Public Health Applications for 2018 Pilot Project Grants

The UC San Diego IPH ( supports cutting edge transdisciplinary public health research across UC San Diego aimed at improving the health of populations locally, nationally, and globally.

The IPH is pleased to announce the availability of Pilot Project Grants for 2018. These are one-year competitive awards to UC San Diego faculty to provide funding for early stage projects on topics relevant to public health. Funding priority will be given to junior faculty members.

Applications are encouraged that fall into one of these three areas of research:
1. Lifestyle and healthy aging, with clear emphasis and relevance to public health
2. Technology, with clear emphasis and relevance to public health
3. Microbiome, with clear emphasis and relevance to public health

The IPH anticipates making three awards.

Three Collaborating UC San Diego Institutes and Centers for 2018 Pilot Grant Applications:

Stein Institute for Research on Aging, Center for Healthy Aging In collaboration with the Stein Institute Center for Healthy Aging, a $12,000 Pilot Grant with a clear emphasis and relevance to healthy aging and public health.

Qualcomm Institute (QI) In collaboration with the QI, a $12,000 Pilot Grant, which includes up to $5,000 of in-kind support towards QI recharge activities. Services include: clean room use, prototyping facility and other core facilities, QI staff time, events facilities, and staff and other QI recharge-related costs.

Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMI) In collaboration with the CMI, microbiome and public health-relevant Pilot Grants ranging from $12,000 to $30,000, depending on the in-kind lab services required for the project. In-kind support includes up to 88 stool samples for DNA sequencing and metabolomics. As part of the award, the CMI will accept proposals to generate 16S amplicon sequencing data, shotgun metagenomics sequencing data, and untargeted metabolomics data.

Proposals will be evaluated for merit in terms of:
1. Feasibility
2. Relevance to focus areas
3. Approach research design and methodology
4. New or expanded collaborations
5. Transdisciplinary nature

Previous IPH funded grantees are not eligible for this RFA.

First Stage Applications
1. A 500-word abstract that will be scored. The abstract should include a) the project title, b) the research question, c) its relevance to public health and the focus areas, d) proposed methodologies, e) research team members.
2. NIH biographical sketches with other support with yearly direct costs for the primary research team members.
3. Submit First Stage Applications as a single PDF to Victoria Saddler @

Application Deadlines and Notices of Awards
1.First Stage Application: Deadline 5:00pm January 22, 2018
2.Notice of invitation to submit a Second Stage Application: Approximately February 12, 2018
3.Second Stage Application: A 4-page proposal (details forthcoming to invited First Stage applications): Deadline 5:00pm March 5, 2018
4.Notice of Awards: Approximately March 23, 2018

For questions regarding this RFA contact:
Paul J Mills, PhD
Associate Director, Pilot Grants Program, UC San Diego Institute for Public Health
Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

Michael Pratt, MD, MPH (MP)
Director, UC San Diego Institute for Public Health
Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health