February 1, 2017


SUBJECT:   Update and FAQs on Impacts of the Executive Order on Immigration Policy

I am writing to follow up on Monday's message signed by President Napolitano and Chancellor Khosla in regard to the recent Executive Order of the President on immigration. I join them in deploring the Executive Order as contrary to the values of a great university embracing diversity and inclusion and committed to research and education in partnership with scholars and students around the world.

Chancellor Khosla and I have heard several recurring questions about on-going developments. The situation is fluid but these are our best answers to these queries.

Q: Is UC San Diego acting pro-actively to try to change the new policy?

A: As part of an effort by the entire UC system we are working with all of the significant national organizations of higher education to alter the new immigration policy. The UC system is also advocating vigorously for maintaining DACA. Both of these efforts entail action across many avenues of government policy making and public opinion outreach.

Q: How many at UC San Diego are potentially or already affected by the Executive Order on immigration?

A: For a variety of reasons there is still some uncertainty about the precise numbers. As of today we believe we have a few hundred students, faculty and staff who may potentially be affected by the order. The University recommends that these individuals NOT travel outside the country at this time.

Q: Which offices at UC San Diego are providing information and support to those who may be affected?

A: There has truly been a grassroots effort across the campus to provide support. The offices of the Executive Vice Chancellor, General Counsel, VC for Student Affairs, VC for Equity Diversity and Inclusion, and the International Students (ISPO) & Programs Office and International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO) are available to these members of our community. Chancellor Khosla's office is coordinating these efforts, and the Chancellor's Council discussed the impact of the Executive Order on UC San Diego yesterday. While all of these organizations, as well as the Deans and College Provosts are ready to be of service, the most practical starting point for assistance is the International Students (ISPO) & Programs Office and International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO) which has created a web resource page on Immigration Policy Updates & FAQs: Please review and refer interested individuals to this resource. Most importantly, please let us know if you or anyone you know has urgent problems.

Q: Has the Executive Order impinged on research activities?

A: We do not know all of the ways that it may be doing so beyond the limits on travel of our affected scholars. We know of one case where faculty who were sponsors of international workshops slated to take place in the US have been asked to reschedule these workshops in locations outside of the US because it is not clear that people from the seven nations involved would be able to attend in the US. Again, please let us know of specific problems.

Q: What is the latest information about our DACA students?

A:We have no definitive information. Lobbying in Washington has been intense. As of now, however, there are numerous reports that the White House will release a statement on the situation for DACA students late this week or next week. The UC President's office is taking a strong leadership role in assessing our options for responding to any change in DACA policy. Our best estimate is that UC San Diego has a few hundred DACA students. We urge those students and all who wish to advise them to consult the excellent handout prepared by UC Legal Services that provides information specifically for these students, including options for legal support. Visit ISPO's Legal Matters Resource page: .html. DACA students are advised to NOT leave the country at this time.

Additional Resources & Support:

. ISPO Advisers for students: Walk-In Advising on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am-12pm & 1:00-4:00pm. Contact or 858-534-3730.

. IFSO Advisers for faculty and researchers: Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Contact or 858-246-1448 to schedule an appointment.

. Web Resource Page:

. International Student Community Support Group (Co-sponsored by ISPO and CAPS) What: This is for international students to come together to get support, provide support for each other, and discuss general questions related to the recent changes in US administration and policy When: Thursday, February 2 from 12 - 1pm Where: Student Center B, Large Conference (

. Undocumented Student Services Center: To schedule an appointment, or for more information, please email:

We are one community dedicated to the well-being of all of our members. We will update the UC San Diego community as additional information becomes available.

Peter F. Cowhey
Interim Executive Vice Chancellor