April 12, 2017


Subject:    Seeking Your Input On Sustainability And Budgeting Issues At UC-San Diego

Consistent with the goals of Governor Brown and President Janet Napolitano, the University of California system has committed to have zero net carbon emissions from our buildings and transportation fleet by 2025. Approaches to accomplishing this goal might include: reducing on-campus energy use, developing on-campus renewable energy, buying carbon-neutral electricity and biomethane, and converting transportation fleets to renewable energy. Off-campus actions, like investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the surrounding community may be implemented to mitigate some on-campus emissions. Through these types of approaches, reaching carbon neutrality is achievable, though it will require long-term investments.

We are a formal "working group" of your colleagues from across the UC-system who are investigating the extent to which the UC-system should prioritize this commitment. Because achieving carbon neutrality will entail important trade-offs, it is vital that the faculty weigh in.

Through the cooperation of the executive vice chancellors, we are inviting you to participate in a brief 12-minute online study. The ultimate purpose of the survey is to provide data to inform the decision-making of the UC-leadership across the 10 campuses. Although your participation is completely voluntary, we hope that you will participate so that we can represent the views of the UC faculty. This study has been approved by the UCSB Institutional Review Board.

Please take the survey at your earliest convenience and no later than 4/21/2017 by clicking on: Thank you in advance for ensuring that our campus has a voice on these important issues.

Sandra A Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research
and the Members of the
Carbon Neutrality Initiative
Roger Bales, UCM (working group lead;
UC Global Climate Leadership Council member)
Fonna Forman, UCSD (working group co-lead)
Lisa Leombruni, UCSB (working group co-lead)
Stacy Rebich Hespanha, (working group coordinator)

Working group members:
Martha Conklin, UCM
Jon Christensen, UCLA
Hunter Gehlbach, UCSB
Teenie Matlock, UCM
Matto Mildenberger, UCSB
Michael Ranney, UCB
David Phillips, UCOP (UC Global Climate Leadership Council member)
Andy Murdock, UCOP
Kira Stoll, UCB (UC Global Climate Leadership Council member)
Sara Mckinstry, UCSD
David Auston, UCSB (ex-officio working group member;
UC Global Climate Leadership Council member)