June 13, 2017


SUBJECT:    CONSTRUCTION ALERT – Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit Project: Voigt Drive Lane Reconfiguration

Project Description/Location:

Construction of the Mid-Coast Light Rail Project began in September of 2016 and will continue through 2021. Once completed, the Trolley extension will provide an effective campus commuting alternative, reduce roadway congestion, improve public transit services, and better connect the Mid-Coast Corridor with areas of San Diego County served by existing Trolley routes.

As the project team prepares for construction of the elevated guideway that will travel through UCSD’s campus, several modifications must be made to vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle routes to keep people safe during overhead work. One of these modifications will involve the reconfiguration of Voigt Drive from Lyman Lane (near Warren Field) to the area west of Preuss School (near the stop light at the entrance to parking lot P702).

Immediate Parking Lot, Street Traffic, and Pedestrian Impacts:

Intermittent lane impacts will begin on the nights of June 26, 2017 and June 27, 2017 between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. The first night will involve restriping traffic lanes on Voigt Drive and installation of new traffic control signage along the road. The second night will consist of placing concrete k-rail dividers along sections of Voigt Drive. During both nights one lane will be available for alternating two-way traffic controlled by flaggers and traffic control signage. Access for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles will always remain available. Please follow the instructions of the flaggers when travelling through this area.

When the night work is complete, Voigt Drive will be reconfigured for bicycle, vehicle and pedestrian traffic for a period of at least two years and no more than four years:

· Restriping will narrow the road and remove the dedicated bike lanes. Two 14-foot shared bicycle/vehicle lanes will be provided, one in each direction.

· All pedestrian traffic will be shifted to the north side of the road when the k-rail is placed and the pedestrian sidewalk on the South side of the street will be blocked off.

· Vehicular traffic will experience a new lane configuration.

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If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager Greg Coghill ( at (858) 822-6843 or Project Specialist Mary Alice Lorio ( at (858) 534-2981. We greatly appreciate your patience during these construction activities.

Wm. Joel King, AIA
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Architect