July 3, 2017


SUBJECT:    CONSTRUCTION ALERT Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit Project: Campus Point Drive Impacts

Project Location/Description:

Construction activities for the Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit Project are continuing and the project team has begun to construct the elevated Light Rail trolley track throughout campus. Along the path of the elevated Light Rail, you will see overhead work crossing many campus roadways over the course of several years. The initial impact to campus roadways will be the construction of an elevated, temporary wood and steel support structure over Campus Point Drive and Voigt Drive. This support structure will allow the project team to work overhead and continue building the elevated light rail system.

Impacts to Campus Point Drive and Voigt Drive are expected to begin on July 17 and continue through August 2017. The temporary support structure will be in place for roughly one year before it is removed and the permanent concrete rail system is remaining. During that one year period, the project team will be working overhead as they build the overhead light rail system.

Immediate Parking Lot, Street Traffic, and Pedestrian Impacts:

Patient, staff and visitor as well as emergency vehicle access will remain available at all times.

There will be intermittent nighttime lane impacts along Campus Point Drive and Voigt Drive. Traffic conditions will intermittently change during the process to accommodate construction activities, so please be aware and watch for changing conditions. Expect to experience a flashing red signal at the intersection of Campus Point Drive and Voigt Drive intermittently from 9 p.m. through 5 a.m. A construction flagging crew will be actively managing traffic flow during times of transition and a detour will be provided during the Voigt Drive road closures (East of Campus Point Drive) from 9 p.m. through 5 a.m.

The crosswalk on the south side of the intersection will not be available and pedestrians will be directed to use alternate crosswalks and temporary sidewalks. Bicycles will continue to share the road with vehicles in this area. Bus stops and parking lots in the area will remain active and accessible at all times.

In an effort to minimize confusion and alleviate traffic congestion during peak travel times, nighttime work and construction sequencing have been carefully incorporated in the construction effort. Please consider using Health Sciences Drive and the newly opened Athena Way as an alternate entrance/exit from the Medical Center.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the UC San Diego experience.

Please view the area map:

For more project information please view SANDAGs links at: or

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http://onthego. (for best viewing, please use Internet Explorer.)

If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager Greg Coghill ( at (858) 822-6849 or Project Specialist Mary Alice Lorio ( at (858) 534-2981. We greatly appreciate your patience during these construction activities.

Wm. Joel King, AIA
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Architect