OCTOBER 15, 2018


SUBJECT:    Reminder About Political Activities and Voting

The November 6, 2018 General Election is approaching and UC San Diego
encourages eligible students, faculty, and staff to register to vote and
then to exercise those voting rights. The deadline to register to vote
is October 22. We also encourage you to be mindful about restrictions
regarding using university resources for political activities.

Eligible voters may:
* Register to vote at:
* Verify their voter registration status at:
* Confirm their designated polling location at:

Eligible students who have registered to vote as an on-campus resident
(unless they have registed to vote-by-mail), must vote at their designated on-campus polling location. The following is a list of polling locations on
campus (students must verify their exact polling location - see link above):

* Revelle College: Conference Room C
* Muir College: Mariposa Room
* Marshall College: Angela's Place
* Warren College: Yosemite Room
* Roosevelt College: Middle Earth
* Sixth College: Dogg House
* The Village: Building 2 - Conference Room
* Mesa Nueva Graduate Housing: One Miramar Street-The Lounge
* Green Table Room in Price Center West (provisional polling location)

All nine on-campus polling locations will accommodate eligible voters
who wish to fill out a provisional ballot and will accommodate San Diego
County vote-by-mail voters who wish to drop off their ballots.

Political Activities
UC San Diego is home to politically active and engaged students, staff,
and faculty who are eager to make a difference on campus and in the
world. As such, we remind faculty and staff about the
University of California's guidelines on political activities.

UC staff and faculty are encouraged to be engaged and politically active. However, such participation and activities cannot be done on behalf of the university.
Legal guidelines for UC participation in ballot campaigns and political
activity is available at:
The use of university resources/funds for ballot initiatives and/or activities
that might reasonably be viewed as partisan political activity is generally prohibited.

Individuals who improperly use university resources for political
advocacy may be subject to disciplinary actions. Examples of university
resources that should not be used for political advocacy may include,
but are not limited to:

* university telephones, email, or websites;
* letterhead or other university-printed materials; and
* university-linked social media.

In addition, wearing a UC San Diego name badge to a political event is not allowed.

If you have further questions, students should contact Heather Belk,
Director of Associated Students Administration ( and
faculty/staff should contact Kaitlin Chell, Senior Director of Public
Affairs (

Pradeep K. Khosla

Kiara Gomez
AS President

Melissa Vipperman-Cohen
GSA President