May 9, 2018


SUBJECT:     CONSTRUCTION ALERT North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood: Start of Construction

Project Description/Location:

Construction of the North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood will begin on June 18, 2018 with expected completion by the fall of 2020.

The NTPLLN project site will be located at parking lots P207 and P208, between Muir and Marshall Colleges. This multi-use project will include six new buildings complete with student housing, academic space, classrooms, lecture halls, retail, dining, and underground parking. The neighborhood project will include open space with a bike and pedestrian friendly layout that will welcome students, staff, faculty and visitors to live, learn and work in a community environment. It will also include improvements to Ridge Walk.

Immediate Parking Lot, Street Traffic, and Pedestrian Impacts:

Muir College Drive will be closed east of Scholars Drive North. Parking lots P207 and P208 on the west campus will permanently close on June 18, 2018. Approximately 1,300 new parking spaces will be available starting late summer 2018 in the Osler Parking Structure located at the corner of Osler Ln. and Gilman Dr.

UC San Diego Shuttle stops #768 (Peterson Hall Clockwise), #759 (Peterson Hall West), #760 (Muir Apartments East), and #767 (Pacific Hall Northbound) will be closed during construction. The UC San Diego West Campus Connector route will be modified to reach all other existing stops. The nearest, alternative shuttle stop to Muir College / Peterson Hall is #764 Mandeville Auditorium.

A portion of Ridge Walk on Muir College Drive will be closed to the public during construction. Pedestrians and Bicyclists may use the alternate pathway on the east side of the Social Sciences Research Building and Peterson Hall, as well as the pathway adjacent to the Faculty Club parking lot.

Reference the information below if you have additional questions about parking or transportation needs on campus.

Additional street impacts will occur along Muir College Drive & Muir Lane during summer quarter to alleviate university impacts during the busier, academic year.

Please view the area map:

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For questions related to construction, please contact:

Walt Kanzler Program Manager: 858-534-4094 or
Matt Smith Project Manager: 858-246-1970 or
Cheryl Fedorchak Project Manager: 858-246-2685 or
John Van Whervin Project Manager: 213-444-9359 or
Kathy Whelan Project Specialist: 858-534-2846 or

We greatly appreciate your patience during these construction activities.

Eric C. Smith, PE
Associate Vice Chancellor
Capital Program Management