October 23, 2019


SUBJECT:    2019 Inaugural Request for Proposals for the University of California - Hispanic Serving Institutions Doctoral Diversity Initiative (UC-HSI DDI)

The University of California Office of the President recently announced the 2019 inaugural launch of the University of California - Hispanic Serving Institutions Doctoral Diversity Initiative (UC-HSI DDI). This system-wide effort is designed to support faculty diversity by enhancing pathways to the professoriate for underrepresented students from California Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). The UC-HSI DDI program includes two components-

. Competitive grant awards to UC faculty/faculty administrators that will support short-term and long-term programs/projects to enhance and expand pathways to the professoriate for underrepresented minorities, with a goal to increase faculty diversity and inclusion at UC. Please see the following link for detailed application information:

. Funding to support graduate student preparation for the professoriate. Specifically, there are resources to help support a limited number of PhD students, who are California HSI alumni and have advanced to candidacy at UC, to foster their interest and preparation for the professoriate, and additional professional development outreach and support for underrepresented PhD students with a goal to encourage and help equip them to consider careers in the professoriate. UCOP will coordinate directly with campus graduate divisions for this component of the Initiative.

Competitive grant awards: As part of UC's system-wide effort to enhance faculty diversity, new annual funding was allocated to support efforts that will expand pathways to faculty diversity. This commitment enables the University to launch the new system-wide UC HSI program and support the following goals:

1. Increase the pathways to UC PhD completion for underrepresented students from California HSIs.
2. Expose, encourage and help prepare students for the professoriate.
3. Encourage research and enrichment collaborations between UC faculty and faculty at partner California HSIs-supporting partnerships that will foster long-term engagement opportunities among faculty, students, programs, departments and campuses.
4. Enhance the climate of academic programs through interventions, incentives and efforts that foster an academic culture of inclusion and equity-especially for faculty and students from underrepresented communities.

As part of the 2019 inaugural launch, we are sharing the UC-HSI DDI Request for Proposals (RFP) with you to encourage UC San Diego faculty and administrators to enhance existing partnerships or explore new California HSI collaborations (within and external to UC). This grant program offers two funding mechanisms (small awards up to $50K and large awards up to $350K) that will address the four program goals listed above. Please review the RFP for specific program guidelines For more information, please visit the UC-HSI DDI webpage:

To ensure strong submissions, a letter of intent to apply and an abstract must be submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Equity Diversity and Inclusion (VC EDI) by Noon on Friday November 22, 2019. Your abstract should be no more than one page in length, providing a brief overall description of your idea and describing which of the two funding mechanisms for which you will be applying (small awards up to $50K or large awards up to $350K). Please send letters and abstracts to with subject line "UC-HSI DDI LOI." Individuals chosen to submit a full proposal will be notified by November 27, 2019. Final proposals are due to UCOP by Noon on Friday January 24, 2020.

The Initiative is in direct support of appointment and promotion review and appraisal criteria as established in the Academic Personnel Manual: APM 210 - This effort also supports the revised Diversity Statement, adopted as policy in 2010, by the UC Regents.

Please know that the Graduate Division and the VC EDI stand ready to support you in proposal preparation. If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact Chief of Staff VC EDI Frank Silva at or Graduate Division, Assistant Dean April Bjornsen at

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor

Becky R. Petitt
Vice Chancellor -
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

James Antony
Dean of the Graduate Division