November 12, 2019


SUBJECT:    CONSTRUCTION ALERT – Voigt Drive Improvements and Campus Point Drive Realignment and Project - Phase 1 – November 2019 thru November 2020

Project Location/Description:

The Voigt Drive Improvements and Campus Point Drive Realignment Project
will begin in mid-November 2019 with full completion in fall of 2021.
The improvements will expand transportation capacity in the corridor to
accommodate existing and future travel demand, particularly for
peak-period commute trips. Once completed, the improved roadways will
reduce congestion, provide increased vehicle queuing from Genesee Avenue
along Campus Point Drive, improve public transit services, and will
support a general increase in population on the UC San Diego campus.

In preparation for construction of roadway improvements, modifications
to vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle routes will ensure the safety of all
travelers. Initial revisions include the reconfiguration of Voigt Drive,
from Campus Point Drive to the Voigt Bridge, scheduled for the nights of
November 20 and 21 between 9:00pm and 5:00am.

Immediate Parking Lot, Street Traffic, and Pedestrian Impacts:

Voigt Drive and Campus Point Drive will remain open throughout
construction. Travelers should allow additional time due to reduced
speeds and narrowed lanes and could experience intermittent delays due
to construction vehicle traffic. Significant impacts to Voigt Drive and
Campus Point Drive will occur throughout the project and precautionary
measures will ensure the safety of all travelers for the 8-month
duration of Phase 1, as well as future phases through 2021.

During Phase 1, Voigt Drive, between the Voigt Bridge and Campus Point
Drive, will narrow to 10 feet wide and the speed limit will reduce to 25
mph. The installation of a 3-way stop sign and crosswalk on Voigt at the
Entrance of P701 will ease traffic. Vehicles should be aware of these
changes when traveling in this area and proceed with caution. Certain
dedicated bike lanes will be removed in the impacted areas. Cyclists
should follow posted signage and be aware of narrowed streets. On Voigt
Drive, the south sidewalk will close and pedestrians will use the new
sidewalk created on the north side. On Campus Point, the west sidewalk
will close and pedestrians should use the existing east sidewalk. The
Eastbound MTS Rapid 202 bus stop on Voigt Drive will discontinue.

Please view the area map:
For more project information, please view SANDAG’s links at;

For future Trolley information view: (for best viewing,
please use Internet Explorer.)

If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager Greg Coghill
at ( or (858) 822-6849 or Project Specialist Grant
Wong at or (858) 534-2981.

We greatly appreciate your patience during these construction activities.

Eric C. Smith, P.E.
Associate Vice Chancellor
Capital Program Management