November 20, 2019


SUBJECT:    2020 Request for Proposals for the UC-HBCU Initiative

The UC Office of the President has announced the 2019-20 Request for Proposals for the UC-HBCU Initiative. This is a system-wide initiative designed to assist UC faculty interested in developing and encouraging efforts to achieve a more inclusive educational environment of excellence. The goal of the UC-HBCU Initiative is to increase the number of scholars from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) enrolling in UC academic doctoral programs. UC faculty grants are available to support HBCU students conducting summer research with faculty at UC San Diego. Funds are also available to support departmental efforts that facilitate increased applications from HBCU scholars to UC graduate programs.

Again this year, Principal Investigators may include 1/9 summer salary to help support their efforts during the summer(s) in which the projects are active. These funds are being provided by each of the UC chancellors as a commitment to valuing faculty work, on behalf of inclusive excellence, at their campus. We hope this will facilitate faculty continuing to undertake this important work. Last year, President Napolitano approved an increase in funding for UC-HBCU faculty grants, which resulted in an increased number of faculty grants in 2018-19 and we hope will attract even more faculty to apply for this opportunity this year.

Since 2012, UC has hosted over 550 HBCU scholars across 9 UC campuses. There are currently sixty PhD students and four master’s students enrolled (seven PhD and eight master’s students have graduated) across seven UC campuses as a direct result of this Initiative. As you know, building relationships and cultivating greater enrollment of HBCU scholars at UC is a long-term investment.

We encourage you to write a proposal for this important initiative. Please know that the Graduate Division stands ready to support you in proposal preparation, and in providing an infrastructure for a summer program. Proposals are due Monday, March 16, 2020 at 12:00 Noon PT and awards will be announced in June 2020. Details on the call for proposals and a helpful PowerPoint tutorial for faculty who may be interested in applying can be found on the UC-HBCU website:

At UC San Diego there are three separate UC-HBCU grants in progress under the supervision of Dr. James Nieh (awarded in 2017), Dr. David Lake and Claire Adida (awarded in 2019), and Dr. Conor Caffrey (awarded in 2019) . This past year, 13 UC-HBCU students were hosted on the UC San Diego campus for summer research, and we are pleased to note that in Fall 2019 three UC-HBCU participants started their doctoral studies in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

The initiative is in direct support of Appointment and Promotion review and appraisal criteria as established in the Academic Personnel Manual: APM 210 -

This effort also supports the Diversity Statement, adopted as policy by the UC Regents in 2007. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Dean of the Graduate Division James Antony at, or Assistant Dean April Bjornsen at

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor –
Academic Affairs

Becky Petitt
Vice Chancellor –
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

James Antony
Dean – Graduate Division