June 26,2019


SUBJECT:    Continued Appointment of Paul Yu as Revelle College Provost

We are pleased to announce the continued appointment of Professor Paul
Yu as Provost of Revelle College following a laudatory administrative
review. He will return to his position as Revelle College Provost and
Chair of the Council of Provosts, September 1, 2019, as he concludes his
tenure as Interim Graduate Dean.

We thank the Revelle Provost five-year review committee and its chair,
Professor Pedro Cabrales, for its service in conducting a comprehensive,
thoughtful and thorough review. The committee members were highly
impressed by Provost Yu's knowledge, engagement, and involvement in all
aspects of Revelle College. His efforts to uphold the rigorous academic
goals of the college, improve the quality of undergraduate education,
enrich community life in Revelle College, and transform the overall
student experience have been truly remarkable, and elicited a unanimous
recommendation for reappointment by the review committee.

Provost Yu has been an outstanding champion for excellence in the
academic, operational, and student services of Revelle College. His
desire to promote a culture of diversity, well-being and academic
quality inspired him to generate a multitude of programs for student
success, including those focused on mindfulness and food insecurity. His
passion and dedication to fostering an inclusive and welcoming community
has increased retention and graduation rates, and has transformed the
college's offerings during his first term as Provost. Additionally,
Provost Yu has implemented several initiatives to promote leadership
skills among the Revelle student body, and has personally advised and
mentored countless numbers of Revelle College students. He is highly
revered for working alongside college staff and faculty to navigate the
complex challenges associated with enhancing the college's quality of
service while also managing student enrollment growth.

Please join us in thanking Provost Yu for his exceptional service and in
congratulating him on his reappointment as Revelle College Provost. We
look forward to his continued leadership and partnership on critical
issues of importance to the Revelle College community and the campus.

Professor Kate Antonovics will continue in her role as Acting Revelle
College Provost, and Professor Ivan Evans, Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt
College, will continue as Acting Chair of the Council of Provosts
through August 31, 2019. We thank them both for their service in these
critical roles.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor