September 23, 2019


SUBJECT:    Welcome Week at UC San Diego

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to UC San Diego. Everyone on campus is looking forward to seeing you excel in our world-renowned learning environment. We’re glad you’re here.

You are the best of the best. You are either one of 6,000 first-year students selected from 99,115 applicants or one of 3,200 transfer students selected from 19,257 applicants.

And now it’s time for you to meet each other, learn new ways of thinking, and thrive as a Triton. As a member of the most diverse class of students ever enrolled at UC San Diego, you will learn with and from faculty and students from all over California, the United States, and many other countries.

Get to know your peers and explore campus by attending any of this week’s many welcome events. Go to the Welcome Week Calendar at to learn more. It’s never too early to start your Triton adventure.

Your journey at UC San Diego will be exhilarating, fun, and at times stressful, but you can do it. You wouldn’t be here if we didn’t know you can succeed. So, let’s get ready to learn and grow.

Meet faculty, academic support units, fellow students, and find inspiration at the 14th annual New Student Welcome Convocation and lunch, September 24, 2019, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on RIMAC Field:

Convocation serves as the kick-off event for Welcome Week and marks your formal entrance into the UC San Diego scholarly community. We recognize that every student’s academic journey is unique, and as you navigate your path in the coming years, please know that your personal success and well-being are of paramount importance to each and every member of this community.

We encourage you to explore UC San Diego’s many resources for academic support and enrichment at, from student success coaching and undergraduate research programs, to inclusive study abroad opportunities and platforms for social innovation—we are here to help you develop the competencies needed to lead in a global society.

We also understand that success is about more than just acing an exam. It is about cultivating your passions, building community and maintaining a balance between school and life. Please take advantage of our student support channels at to learn how you can get involved in student organizations, experience diverse cultural centers, or discover health and well-being resources to build a positive, well-rounded college experience.

We embrace a culture of giving back, and in that spirit, hope that you will explore the many community service and volunteer programs on or near campus. We also encourage you to check out opportunities for part-time student employment, which has been shown to not only improve academic performance, but build essential career skills and earn income while making a positive impact on campus.

There is something for everyone at UC San Diego, so reach out, get involved, and stretch yourself beyond your old limits. It’s the best way to learn about the world around you, the people you meet, and even yourself.

Welcome to your new home. We look forward to seeing you at Convocation and throughout your journey here at UC San Diego.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor

Alysson M. Satterlund
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs