September 6, 2019


SUBJECT:    Enterprise Student Information System Project Kickoff

In partnership with the campus Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) program, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Student Information System (SIS) project.

We will ultimately be replacing the current Integrated Student Information Systems (ISIS) platform with a new solution that helps us achieve modern efficiencies, streamline reporting and meet regulatory requirements.

The SIS project will serve to promote more meaningful student interactions by:

* Replacing outdated student systems with new, more flexible technology
* Improving business processes and practices
* Collecting and analyzing data to improve the student experience and academic outcomes
* Engaging the campus community and assessing their needs throughout the project

In line with ESR’s “everything through people” mindset, the SIS project will be a collective, campus wide effort driven by UC San Diego personnel. A change management team has been assembled to ensure that our campus community receives the information, leadership, guidance and training needed for a successful system selection and user transition.

The change management team is your first line of contact for the SIS project. The team includes:

* Cindy Lyons, SIS Change Lead (Central), University Registrar, Enrollment Management
* David Garrison, SIS Change Lead (Central), Senior Associate Registrar, Enrollment Management
* Kathleen D. Johnson, SIS Change Lead (Academic), Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education, Academic Affairs
* Cindy Hsu, SIS Change Practitioner, Senior Academic Advisor, Muir College

You will be hearing more from the change team as they deliver updates and information throughout the SIS project.

They will also soon be asking for your help to document all custom-built applications and departmental business processes that depend on access to student data. The inventory will be used to determine the features the campus needs in a student system and, later in the project, how to design the system to meet those needs.

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Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor