January 29, 2020


SUBJECT:    UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence

Over the last two years, the Vice Chancellor’s Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion has led an extensive process of campus engagement, outreach, data analysis and assessment to create a framework for the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence. We collectively generated ideas about the future of our campus and activated UC San Diego Strategic Plan goal #2: “Cultivate a diverse and inclusive university community that encourages respectful open dialogue, and challenges itself to take bold actions that will ensure learning is accessible and affordable for all.” You may view the document online at as well as a recent feature about the plan and accountability process in “This Week @ UC San Diego”

The core strategic goals related to campus equity, diversity, and inclusion are Access and Success, Climate, and Accountability.

ACCESS AND SUCCESS: Attract, retain, and support a diverse faculty, staff, and student body with the goal of reflecting California demographics and achieving institutional excellence at UC San Diego.

CLIMATE: Create and foster a positive and welcoming climate where we value, include, and support all at UC San Diego.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Ensure institutional accountability throughout UC San Diego departments and divisions.

As we continue to fulfill our collective vision to be a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university and strive for institutional excellence, we plan to consistently measure our progress. An outcomes-based assessment is central to the plan and demonstrates our commitment to continuous change and excellence at UC San Diego as we promote exemplary and innovative organization practices that are the hallmarks of a top-ten public university.

All unit heads have conducted their first unit analysis, and this fall they reported to the Chancellor, EVC, VC-EDI, and the EDI Advisory Council on the state of equity, diversity, and inclusion in their units as well as their future strategies related to Access and Success, Climate, and Accountability. We will share a comprehensive report with the campus that presents the state of equity, diversity, and inclusion at UC San Diego and in the coming months, we will begin to guide diversity planning so that each unit will eventually develop their own diversity strategic plan.

UC San Diego approaches the dawn of a new decade with a firm commitment to continue our work of distinguishing ourselves as a premier institution - a university of choice and a destination campus for the community that is vibrant, engaging, and intellectually alive. Each of us will need to play an active part in making our campus more welcoming, diverse, and inclusive. Each of us is critical in shaping the future of UC San Diego. As we move forward in this accountability and diversity strategic planning process, we ask you to commit to shaping this new future by employing the strategies and best practices articulated in the accountability process, such as inclusive teaching and learning; concerted efforts to hire a more diverse workforce; and focused mentoring, training, and development for diverse students, faculty, and staff. Through our collective efforts, we can achieve our goals of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive campus.

Thank you for your engagement and collaboration. To learn more about this process or to share your ideas, please email

Pradeep K. Khosla

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor

Becky R. Petitt
Vice Chancellor –
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion