February 26, 2020


SUBJECT:    Systemwide Review of Proposed Presidential Policy for Gender Recognition and Lived Name

Dear Colleagues:

The University invites comments on proposed campus policy: Presidential Policy for Gender Recognition and Lived Name.

The drafters of new Presidential Policy for Gender Recognition and Lived Name — Elizabeth Halimah and Tae-Sun Kim of Diversity and Engagement, UCOP Academic Affairs — consulted with the following groups to inform the details of the proposed policy:

• Academic Senate (Kum Kum Bhavnani and Robert May)
• Academic Personnel (Amy K. Lee)
• Students (UC Student Association and Graduate Program Committee)
• Staff (Systemwide HR)
• Office of General Counsel (Shondella Reed)
• IT Leadership Council (Chris Handy)
• Vice Chancellors for Student Affairs
• Vice Chancellors for Equity and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officers
• Vice Provosts for Academic Personnel
• Associate Vice Chancellors for Admissions and Enrollment
• Campus LGBTQ Center Directors
• Campus Title VII and IX Officers
• UC PATH Steering Committee

Three key issues are addressed in the policy:
• The University must provide three equally recognized gender options on university-issued documents and information systems — female, male and nonbinary.
• The University must provide an efficient process for students and employees to retroactively amend their gender designations and lived names on university-issued documents and in information systems.
• The legal name of university students, employees, alumni and affiliates, if different than the individual’s lived name, must be kept confidential and must not be published on documents or displayed in information systems that do not require a person’s legal name.

The UCOP workgroup had extensive discussions about the guidelines, finally agreeing on a draft that was sent to campus stakeholders for preliminary comment. We received about 50 individual comments from about 20 individuals, including comments from stakeholder groups such as the LGBTQ Center Directors, and we have addressed many of these preliminary comments in the policy and revised guidelines.

In a parallel path, President Napolitano asked for an estimate of the costs of the IT system changes. We have received the President’s approval to submit a MPI proposal for a one-time allocation to support upgrades of UC information systems to ensure that displays of gender identity and lived name are consistent with the intent of the proposed policy.

Potentially controversial issues include: a) whether preferred name be allowed on academic documents such as transcripts, diplomas or dissertation cover pages; b) the implementation date of the changes, given that numerous IT systems may have to be updated; and c) the cost of IT systems changes.

This policy applies to all persons at all UC San Diego locations.

Under the Regents’ Policy, campuses were directed to issue implementing rules for certain policy requirements. This proposed policy constitutes the implementing rules for the San Diego campus and is available on the following website:

This is a formal review of the proposed Implementing Rules. If you have comments for submission in response to the policy review, please provide your written comments to Paula Johnson in Policy and Records Administration at no later than March 31, 2020.

Pradeep K. Khosla