April 23, 2020


SUBJECT:    Systemwide Review of Proposed Revised Presidential Policy: UC Seismic Safety

Dear Colleagues:

The University invites comments on the proposed revised Presidential Policy on UC Seismic Safety, UC-CR-17-0324.

The Seismic Policy has been revised per the guidance of the UC Seismic Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is a council of structural and geotechnical engineers with seismic expertise appointment by the Office of the President to advise the University. Revisions to the Seismic Policy are summarized in a memorandum to the UCOP Policy Advisory Committee RE: Seismic Safety Policy. The Seismic Policy revision was a collaborative effort with the SAB, UCOP Capital Programs, the Office of General Counsel, and UC campus representatives from Berkeley, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Davis.

The proposed policy revision includes the following key issues:
• Policy implementation procedures are moved from the Policy and published to the UCOP website within the UC Facilities Manual. The UC Facilities Manual is a repository for information and procedures related to UC Capital Programs practices.
• Technical seismic engineering standards are updated to reflect current California Building Code and industry standards, and where applicable, specification of technical seismic engineering standards are moved from the Policy to the UC Facilities Manual.
• Policy requirements are clarified, and sections of the Policy Text are re-organized into a more logical sequence for clarity.

This policy applies to all persons at all UC San Diego locations.

Under the Regents’ Policy, campuses were directed to issue implementing rules for certain policy requirements. This proposed policy constitutes the implementing rules for the San Diego campus and is available on the following website:

This is a formal review of the proposed Implementing Rules. If you have comments for submission in response to the policy review, please provide your written comments to Paula Johnson in Policy and Records Administration at no later than May 31, 2020.

Pradeep K. Khosla