May 14, 2020


SUBJECT:    Reminder - Call for Nominations for Faculty Research Lecturer Award 2019-20 Academic Year

The Committee on Senate Awards invites nominations for the Academic
Senate Faculty Research Lecturer Award. These awards recognize faculty
members whose research has made a significant contribution to the
advancement of knowledge. Each year, the Academic Senate selects two
members of the faculty to receive this prestigious award — one from the
Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences, and one from the Sciences or
Engineering. Each recipient is asked to present a lecture on a topic of
his or her choice, is honored by the faculty with a reception prior to
the lecture, and receives a $1,500 honorarium.

Coming as it does in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and response, the
Committee recognizes that this call for nominations comes at an
extremely stressful and disruptive time. Potential nominators have many
urgent demands on their time. Nonetheless, the Committee would like to
encourage nominations. The tradition of peer recognition of faculty
research excellence is an important one, perhaps especially so in
difficult times.

Nominations must be accompanied by a letter that includes:
• an explanation of the nominee’s field of expertise; • an explanation
of the nominee’s research contributions and how they are novel,
creative, and impactful in relation to the work of peers and within the
discipline or sub-field, identifying specific articles, books, or
creative work and productions that epitomize the nominee’s
contributions; • an explanation, where applicable, of the wider impact
of the nominee’s research; • a discussion of the nominee’s ability to
deliver an engaging and provocative lecture having broad audience
appeal; • and a brief statement about the probable focus of the
nominee’s lecture.

The Committee solicits nominations of any worthy candidates, but
encourages Department chairs to consider nominating senior candidates
whose distinction can be readily documented, for instance, candidates
whose Academic Personnel files contain recent acceleration or
advancement to Above Scale.

The Committee on Senate Awards is charged with recommending the award
recipients to the Representative Assembly. Nomination due date: May 22,
2020. Send to the Committee on Senate Awards via email to Darlene Salmon
at If you have questions, please contact
Darlene Salmon at or 858-534-0101.

David O. Brink, Chair
Committee on Senate Awards