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Section: 553-7
Effective: 1/10/97
Supersedes: 1/1/93
Issuing Office: Mail Services

PPM 553-7 [PDF Format]

  2. UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)

    20-1 Campus Directives, Publications, Announcements and Notices

    552 Graphics and Reproduction Services Section

    553-2 Mail Services

    553-8 Office Mail Distribution Contacts


    1. Background

    2. The Payroll Department maintains employee home/business addresses, names and ID numbers. The Telecommunications Department maintains directory information and mail codes for the staff and faculty, non-salaried (excluding temporary employees, UNEX instructors, students and graduate students). The Addressing Services (affiliate of Mail Services) accesses data files that contain UCSD or campus directory information and mailing addresses for all members of the University of California, San Diego. This information has been divided into mail lists designed to reach selected portions of the University community, such as faculty, staff, key administrators and business officers. Each mail list is numerically coded and is computer generated upon request through an in-house PC based, Paradox Program. The mail lists may be generated for use by the customer and/or by the Mail Services Department in conjunction with Addressing Services.

      This Paradox based system offers enhancement options that consist of list controller access and student directory access. Addressing Services also maintains the Mailer +4 Software application. Customers may provide their own address files in Paradox db, fixed length text Access and/or Excel format, which are then run through the Mailer +4 program. The application corrects via an error code all "bad" addresses and also adds a +4 zip code to all "good" addresses. The resulting data may be returned to the customer for their own usage or the data may be used in conjunction with an addressing job and/or a third class bulk mailing.

    3. Authorized Use of Mailing Labels

    4. Home addresses and home telephone numbers of University employees are not public records under the State of California Public Records Act. In addition, this information is protected and exempt from disclosure to the public under the California Information Practices Act and University policy. Mailing lists containing such informaiton should not be disclosed, except as specified in Business and Finance Bulletins RMP-12, Guidelines for Assuring Privacy of Personal Information in Mailing Lists and Telephone Directories, and RMP-8, Legal Requirements on Privacy of and Access to Information. Mailing lists may not be distributed, rented, or sold for commercial purposes. Specific authorizations within this policy are as follows:

      1. Campus Departments, Divisions, Institutes, etc.

      2. University mailing labels may be used provided the expenses are recharged to departmental funds and the person placing the order has signature authorization on file in the Accounting Office for the funds being charged.

      3. University-Related Organizations

      4. University mailing labels may be used provided expenses are recharged and the organization is either on the list of registered organizations or has approval. See Section III, H.

        There are additional rules and regulations regarding registered campus oganizations, other organizations/groups/individuals, campus related affiliates, and all other Unions. For registered campus organizations (students and others), see PPM 510-1, Section IV. All other organizations/groups/individuals are required to register each year and are put on a list of registered oganizations authorized to use University services. All other Unions need approval from Labor Relations Department.

      5. List Controller Restrictions

      6. Individual sets of labels are under the administrative control of designated individuals known as List Controllers. Their primary responsibility in this context is to approve the use of the labels, to insure the appropriateness of specific sets of labels to the needs of the user and to update their lists. Potential users may be required to contact the appropriate List Controller prior to the use of mailing labels for such review and approval. The List Controller may also require the inclusion of statements clarifying sponsorship. List Controllers are identified on Supplement II.

    5. Physical Qualifications for Material to be Addressed

      1. Size

      2. For machine application, minimum size is 3 1/2 x 5 inches, although a larger size is recommended; maximum is 13 inches x 16 inches (mail sorting bins are 10 3/4 inches x 14 inches). Minimum thickness is .007 inch and the maximum thickness is 5/8 inch.

      3. Shape

      4. Pieces must be rectangular or square. Pieces for the same addressing job must be precisely uniform in paper weight, type of fold, and dimension.

      5. Folded Material

      6. Creases must be sharp and precisely uniform. Flat or single fold material is recommended. A single fold on the right hand edge is preferred.

      7. Stapled Material

      8. Staples are permissible if placed vertically 2 inches down from the top left corner and should be flat to avoid snagging. When possible, material should be designed to avoid the use of staples.

      9. Label Application Space

      10. Address labels are 1 x 3 1/4 inches. Ideal space on material for placement of address labels should be 2 x 5 1/4 inches.

    6. Time Frame

    7. Generally, addressing work will be completed within 48 hours (for planning purposes, allow up to five working days) after receipt of work, after the required mail list(s) are received, and after the material is on hand (see III.D.).


    1. Hours

    2. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., closed from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    3. Location

    4. The Addressing Service is located in the Mail Service Department, Campus Service Complex, Building A.

    5. Labeling Process

    6. Addressing Services performs addressing of material by processing specially designed computer printouts of addresses through an addressing machine. An in-house PC based Paradox System constructs these printouts so they will conform to the specifications of the addressing machine. The addressing machine is designed to label envelopes, single sheets, multiple sheets, or small pamphlets.

      Another address printing design available upon request is direct impact printing that includes ZIP+4 and barcoded addresses. The address is sprayed directly on the material.

    7. Ordering Labels and Lists

    8. The standard mailing labels available are listed on Supplement II and III. The Supplements contain a breakdown of all lists available, stocked and non-stocked lists, and provides a description of the lists. Users must obtain clearance from the appropriate List Controller prior to printing material. Potential users of a ``General Campus Series'' mail list must contact Administrative Records for proper review, approval, and to obtain a log number.

      The use of ``Home Addresses'' from the ``General Campus Series,'' ``General Academic Series,'' and ``Specialized Academic Series'' lists need prior approval from the Office of Internal Audit.

      The use of List #028 (ALL AT UCSD) needs prior approval from the Vice Chancellor-Business Affairs.

      All other lists should have approval from individual list controlers prior to their use.

      1. Standard Labels

        1. Stocked and Non-Stocked

        2. Use is requested by filling out an Addressing Services Request form, Exhibit A. If Graphics and Reproduction Services (G&RS) is printing the material to be addressed, send or hand carry the Addressing form and the Printing Request form to G&RS, 0031, via Administrative Records Office for logging. G&RS will forward the Addressing Services form to Addressing Services. If the material was printed elsewhere, send or hand carry the completed Addressing Services form and material to be addressed to Addressing Services, 0047 (via Administrative Records Office if approval is needed).

      2. Non-Standard Labels

      3. Labels for the following special mail lists for application by Addressing Services are ordered through Mail Services. For information, or to place an order, call x21674.

        1. Deletion of Multiple Copies

          Standard mail lists established with multiple copies may be ordered without multiples, i.e., one copy to each addressee.

        2. Special Labels

          1. A special mail list may be constructed from Addressing Services files. These lists are obtained by placing a special request by telephone, followed by a memorandum giving billing instructions to Addressing Services, x21674.

          2. Mail lists of UCSD students, parents, or guardians may be obtained from the Registrar's office. Contact the Registrar's Office for further information.

          3. Computer generated mail lists obtained from outside the University may also be used. The format of mail lists are addressees arranged in four equally spaced columns. Consult Addressing Services for a list layout sample.

      4. Customer Data

      5. Campus customers may provide their address data in Paradox db, Access, Excel, dbase, or fixed length text files. The customer data will be imported into Paradox and, if need be, restructured to meet the in-house addressing program parameters. The customer addresses may then be printed directly on material or printed on lables which are affixed to material.

    9. Ordering Labels for User Application

    10. Standard and non-standard mail lists may be ordered on plain computer paper or pressure (avery) labels for customer use. Addressing Services also has a direct impact printer available. This printer applies the address directly on the material and adds the U.S. Postal Service ZIP+4 barcode. To order these lists follow the same procedure as in III.D.2.c.(1) above.

    11. Access to Mail Lists by the Public

    12. University-owned mail lists that consist of name and campus or business addresses are public records as defined by the California Public Records Act. They are subject to inspection and copy by any member of the public during office hours. Such mailing lists may not be sold, but a member of the public is entitled to be provided with a copy of the list upon request and payment of a reasonable fee, fixed by the University. Interested parties must contact the Business Office to obtain copies of mail lists.

      University-owned mail lists that contain personal information such as home addresses are not public records. In accordance with the Information Practices Act these lists will not be released outside the University. Use of these lists must be approved by the campus IPA Coordinator.

    13. Special Services

      1. Inserting

      2. The Addressing Services provides manual and machine processing of inserting envelopes.

        1. Folded enclosures should have sharp creases and should maintain the accuracy of the folds.

        2. Enclosure clearance must be at least 1/4 inch on each end. Enclosures must fit easily into envelopes.

        3. Unconventional envelopes -- consult the Addressing Services, x21674 for details.

      3. Sealing

      4. The Addressing Services provides sealing of envelopes as a part of an entire job labeled and/or stuffed by the Addressing Services. Charges for this service depends on the quantity, size, and type of envelope.

      5. Permit Mailings, Bulk Rate

      6. The preparation of permit mailings addressed by the Addressing Services is coordinated with Mail Services. For regulations, contact Mail Services, x49923 before printing the material to be addressed. See PPM 553-4.

    14. Charges

    15. Charges are based on the labor and materials supplied; see Supplement I for a rate schedule. Services can be billed to a campus recharge number, direct charge, or guard invoice. Type of billing should be indicated on the Addressing Services form when submitting work to be performed. Department charges will appear in the Operating Ledger under "Addressing Services".

Exhibit A


The above Exhibit A is availabe for viewing/printing in Acrobat Adobe PDF format.

Supplement I - Addressing Services Rate Schedule
Supplement II - General Academic Series
Supplement III - Campus Mail Lists