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Section: 553-7 Supplement III
Issuing Office: Mail Services


#002 Academic Senate Voting and Non-Voting Members (on/off campus)

006 Academic Non-Instructional Staff (on/off campus)

007 Academic Total Staff (on/off campus)

008 SIO Faculty (Senate Members) (on/off campus)

009 SIO Academic Instructional Staff (Senate and Non-Senate) (Total Faculty at SIO) (on/off campus)
010 SIO Total Academic Staff (on/off campus)

011 Academic Total Instructional Staff (All Faculty) (on/off campus)

012 SOM Faculty (Senate Members) (on/off campus)

013 SOM Non-Senate Salaried Academic Staff (on/off campus)

014 SOM Total Academic Staff (on/off campus)

015 Revelle College Faculty (on campus)

016 Revelle College Academic Instructional Staff (Total Revelle College Faculty) (on/off campus)

017 Muir College Faculty (on campus)

018 Muir College Academic Instructional Staff (Total Muir College Faculty) (on campus)

019 Thurgood Marshall College Faculty (on campus)

020 Thurgood Marshall College Academic Instructional Staff (Total Thurgood Marshall College Faculty) (on campus)

*021 Key Administrators/Key Support Staff (on campus)

*022 Policy & Procedure Manual -- Multiples (on/off campus)

*023 Policy & Procedure Manual -- Single Copy (on/off campus)

*024 Staff Personnel Manual Holders -- Multiples (on/off campus)

*025 OMDC -- Single Copy (on campus)

*026 OMDC -- All at UCSD -- Multiples (on campus)

*027 OMDC -- Bulletin Board (on campus)

*028 OMDC -- All at UCSD (on/off campus)

*029 A&PS -- Administrative and Professional Series Staff Manual Holders (on campus)

# Approval of the Academic Senate Office on the Addressing Request Form or a blanket approval letter from the Academic Senate Office is required for use of these mail lists.

* Needs log number approval from Policy and Records Administration, 0014, x40103


046 Public Employees Retirement System (on campus)

048 SOM -- MSCCP Faculty (on/off campus)

049 SOM -- GENCOMP Faculty (on/off campus)

050 SOM Instructional Staff (on/off campus)

051 SOM -- Non-salaried Faculty (on/off campus)

052 SOM -- Clinical Faculty (on/off campus)

054 SOM -- Dept of Medicine/Cancer Ctr Faculty (on campus)

060 Warren College Faculty (Senate Members) (on campus)

061 Warren College Academic Instructional Staff (Senate and Non-Senate -- Total Warren College Faculty) (on campus)

062 Eleanor Roosevelt College Faculty (on campus)

063 Eleanor Roosevelt College Academic Instructional Staff (Total Eleanor Roosevelt College Faculty) (on campus)

*064 Key Administrators/Key Support Staff Excluding UCSD Med Ctr (on campus)

*065 OMDC -- Bulletin Board/Excluding UCSD Med Ctr (on campus)

070 Science Faculty (on/off campus)

073 Combination: PPM -- SPM -- A&PS Manual HOlders (on/off campus)

115 UI/Employee Benefits Contact List (on campus)

*120 Key Support Staff (on campus)

*121 Key Academic Administrators (on campus)

*122 Key Academic and Staff Administrators (on campus)

*123 Key Staff Administrators (on campus)

*124 MSO's -- All UCSD (on campus)

*125 MSO's -- General Campus (on campus)

*126 MSO's -- SIO (on campus)

*127 MSO's -- SOM (on campus)

* Needs log number approval from Administrative Records, 0014, x43393


129 UCSD Times (Weekly) -- for Weekly only (off campus)

139 UEO Monthly Calendar -- Multiples (on campus)

180 Science Studies (on/off campus)

201 UCSD Med Ctr Attending Staff (on/off campus)

224 UCSD Med Ctr -- Times and Focus Hospital List (on/off campus)

225 UCSD Med Ctr -- Calendar of Professional & Academic Activities (on/off campus)

239 UCSD Med Ctr -- Hospital Employees Distribution of Newsletter Calendar (on campus)

240 UCSD Med Ctr -- Discourse Drug Info. Services (on/off campus)

245 UCSD Med Ctr -- Combination SGR/VSC (on/off campus)

246 VAMC -- Combination MGR (on/off campus)