This manual, together with the Academic and Staff Personnel Manuals will be your department's primary reference guide for campus operating policies and procedures. The policies and procedures apply to academic, administrative, research, and service units. The manual is a public document and should be made available to all campus personnel.

You can access local policies as well as Office of the President policies, you may go directly to a PPM by entering the PPM number, i.e., 100-4, in the "Jump To" box, or you may use the Numerical or Alphabetical Guides to go to the Tables of Contents for the different sections. Policies listed on the Tables of Contents are available on the web through hypertype links. Policies without links are available in paper from Administrative Records, 0014, x43393. Included in the Manual are Exhibits and Supplements in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format. You must have Acrobat Reader installed to use the PDF format. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe website. In addition you can complete the forms within the Acrobat Reader. Simply move the mouse pointer (hand) to the field you wish to enter information and click. Complete the appropriate fields and when you finish press enter. You may now print the document by clicking the printer icon. Note you will not be able to save your entries in PDF form.

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